5 Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits For Those Suffering From Permanent Total Disability in Maryland

If you have suffered a permanent total disability due to a work-related injury in Maryland, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can help you cover medical bills and lost wages caused by your injury and provide financial security and peace of mind during a difficult time. The article will explore the most common types of benefits available to those with a work-related permanent total disability injury in Maryland and how you may receive these benefits.

  • Medical Care and Treatment Benefits

If you suffer a permanent total disability in Maryland, you may be eligible for medical care and treatment. The Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission covers all medical expenses related to your disability, including any medications or treatments necessary for your recovery. 

That also includes hospitalization, emergency care, physical therapy, prosthetic devices, and other medical care required for your health. However, it’s crucial to hire an attorney experienced in Permanent Total Disability Benefits in Waldorf to help you receive the maximum benefits you are entitled to.

  • You May be Able to Obtain Supplemental Income Benefits

If you have suffered a permanent total disability due to an injury or illness sustained on the job, you may be eligible for supplemental income benefits. These benefits help to help replace the wages you would have earned had you not been injured and to help cover any expenses you may incur due to your injury or illness.

Supplemental income benefits can vary depending on the severity of the injury or illness and your earnings. Generally, they are paid out in weekly increments, up to a certain percentage of your average weekly wages before the injury. They can also be lump sum payments. The amount of money you receive will depend on various factors, including the type of disability and the severity of your injury.

  • You May Receive Vocational Rehabilitation Services

If you have a permanent total disability due to an injury or illness, you may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation services where necessary. That includes training, education, and career counseling to help you adapt and transition to a new lifestyle. Vocational rehabilitation aims to help you find a new skill suitable for your physical condition.

Vocational rehabilitation services are available to permanently disabled workers in Maryland. These services can help you transition back into the workforce and gain financial independence. Before seeking approval for a permanent total disability, contact an experienced local workers’ compensation attorney to help you file a persuasive claim and learn more about the benefits and services available.

  • Weekly Payments 

Regarding workers’ compensation benefits, one of the most critical types of payments is the weekly payment. The weekly payment helps replace a portion of the wages the injured worker lost due to their injury. To receive this benefit, the worker must be completely and permanently disabled as a result of their workplace injury. The money one receives largely depends on the worker’s average weekly wage before the injury.

In Maryland, the sets the maximum rate of weekly payments. Generally, the weekly payments are equal to two-thirds of an individual’s average weekly wage before the injury occurred. However, there is an exception for this benefit when the injured worker becomes employed again after their injury. In such cases, the insurer may stop or modify the payments.

  • You May Be Receive a Lump Sum Payment

In the state of Maryland, you may receive a lump sum payment instead of a weekly payment if you suffer a permanent total disability as a result of a work-related injury or illness. The compensation provides additional financial security for those who can no longer work due to disability. A lump sum payment is helpful to individuals who have to make huge payments at once, such as accumulated medical bills. 

The lump sum payment amount will vary depending on the type and severity of your disability and the amount you would have expected to earn before the injury. However, a lumpsum payment may prevent you from pursuing additional compensation. Therefore, it would help if you hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to help you clearly understand the terms of commitment before opting for a lump sum payment. Ultimately, these benefits aim to provide financial stability and help you live a decent life.


Suffering from a permanent total disability can be a complicated and overwhelming financial and emotional experience. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits can help individuals facing permanent total disability due to work-related injuries in Maryland find some financial freedom and be able to take care of their immediate financial needs. It is important to remember if you or a loved one has suffered a permanent total disability due to an on-the-job injury in Maryland. Then, it’s crucial to contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to help you understand your rights and help you file a claim for benefits you may be entitled to under the law.

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