6 Jewelry Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Parents or caregivers teach us how to take care of things from a young age. They do this intending to make us more responsible. From such lessons, you learn the value of taking care of personal items.

As an adult, you realize the value of such teachings. After all, you spend money to collect some of your items. So taking good care of them ensures long-term usage and durability. And, one of the items that need good maintenance is jewelry. 

It doesn’t matter whether it is high-priced gemstones or costume accessories. Taking good care of such items is critical, and we will show you how.

Good Storage

Be careful about how you store your jewelry. Avoid the habit of tossing them into the drawer or the top of your dresser. Invest in pouches or boxes for safekeeping. Pay attention to the material when buying such. If you have a collection of sterling silver, an anti-tarnish material is the best option. It will help avoid dulling of the silver. 

Compartmentalized storage is great for organizing jewelry pieces. It helps to avoid any contact that can lead to scratching the more delicate material. 

For your diamond rings, a pouch with velvet lining will work well. As hard as they are, diamonds are destructible. Improper storage can lead to scratching, especially if the stones come into contact with metal. The other option is to go for a jewelry case. 

Think back to the day your partner proposed to you with that exquisite diamond ring. The jeweler put the ring in a fabric-lined case, which your hopeful partner unboxed for the proposal. 

The same boxing concept will work for your diamond engagement rings or wedding sets when you are not wearing them. In fact, as a keepsake, you may have the original box. So, go ahead and use that one. 

A jewelry tree will work well for necklaces. The other option is to hang them on wall hooks to avoid tangling.   

Traveling With Jewelry

What happens if you need to travel with some of your jewelry pieces? Well, the same storage advice we gave above applies. First, consider how much of the jewelry you need to travel with. Is it necessary to wear your expensive diamond engagement ring with the wedding band? It might be a good idea to leave one in your home safe.  

Use the jewelry boxes or pouches to avoid contact damage. But, don’t check in such luggage, especially if you have high-value pieces. 

For safety purposes, it is better to have it on your person. Wear what you can, and then have the rest in your hand luggage. Of course, you need to be careful about attracting thieves. So, don’t display whatever you have on. Your diamond pendant necklace under your blouse or turtleneck is excellent. Wear long sleeve clothing to hide the diamond bracelets. 

Don’t Expose the Jewelry to Weather Extremes

It is important to keep jewelry away from weather extremes. Direct sunlight, for example, can lead to tarnishing. 

Dampness can cause rusting of metallic parts. If you shop from reputable retailers, they will give you storage. Don’t throw away the boxes and pouches. Instead, continue to use them as storage. 

Keep moisture and dust away from gemstones and precious metals by wrapping them in cotton or acid-free tissue.  

Correct Wearing Procedure for Jewelry

When dressing up, your jewelry is the last thing you should put on. Direct contact with hairspray, perfume, and other beauty products can damage your accessories. It can lead to discoloration or tarnishing. 

The chemicals in hand lotion, for example, will leave residues on your diamond ring. Over time it can discolor the stone, making it lose its luster. The same applies to body lotion, sunscreen, and other creams. So, allow a little time for your beauty products to dry before putting on the jewelry. 

Clean Your Jewelry

Please make sure you take time to keep up with cleaning your jewelry. It is as simple as wiping each accessory with a soft, clean cloth. For a more thorough clean, you can use a mild detergent. You should do this to remove any sweat or natural body oil. 

For those with grooves, use a soft brush to dislodge any dirt or dust. Your diamond tennis bracelet, for example, can collect dirt between the stone settings. A gentle brushing motion can remove such. Allow us to put emphasis on the word gentle. Any rough action can dislodge the stones. Aggressive rubbing with a coarse brush will scratch the diamonds or links. 

It doesn’t hurt to do a little research on how to clean different jewelry materials. You will also get information on restoring some pieces to the original look. 

If you are unsure about your ability to handle the cleaning, let the experts do it for you. Reputable retailers offer such services free or at a negligible cost. And they can also fix any issues like loose settings or replacing broken links or clasps. 

Avoid Wearing Jewelry in Specific Situations

Maintaining your jewelry well means knowing when to remove them. These include:-

  • When doing any activities that require the use of your hands. Wearing your diamond engagement ring while working with industrial machines may not be a good idea. It can snag on the machines and cause serious injury. 
  • Take off jewelry if you will come in contact with abrasives or chemicals
  • Leave the jewelry at home if you’re going for a swim in chlorine-treated water
  • Avoid losing your jewelry or hurting yourself and others when playing contact sports. That huge diamond sitting on your engagement ring can gouge out an eye.
  • Remove your diamond rings or wedding band when washing dishes. First, you could lose it if it is loose fitting. And, over time, the chemicals in the detergents will result in discoloration or loss of luster. And please, don’t put the ring at the side of the sink. Invest in those hand-like ring holders with fingers for extra safety.   

Final Thoughts 

If you want to maintain the beauty and value of your jewelry, take good care of them. Invest in proper storage to avoid tarnishing, discoloration, tangling, and scratches. Use proper cleaning techniques like wiping them after wearing them. 

Avoid exposing your jewelry to weather extremes, chemicals, and high temperatures. View your jewelry as an investment because you spend money on attaining them. So why not take the extra step of taking good care of them.  


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