Brighten Up Your Wardrobe with the Limited Edition Tieks Neon Collection!

I instantly fell in love with these limited edition Neon Tieks that come in electrifying and playful shades of Ultraviolet, Pop Pink, Unmellow Yellow, Outrageous Orange, and Galactic Green. When it comes to my wardrobe, I have always loved colorful pieces, but I was a bit shy about going too bold. That’s until I was introduced to the high-voltage and luminescent shine of the Tieks Neon collection. 

At first, I was a little timid about going so fluorescent and fierce, but buying these was an easy way to refresh my wardrobe. They are so easy to add to your already existing outfits and make it seem like you just bought an entire new attire collection since they pair well with everything. Plus, they are a such conversation starters. It’s shocking how many people compliment my Neon Tieks and ask me where I bought them. I tell them Tieks and they should check out their website soon since they are special editions and will sell out fast since they are only available for a limited time.

After I bought a few pairs of Tiek’s new collection, I started adding them to my neutral pieces from my closet. I paired the Pop Pink with beiges, blacks, and whites; this combo made me feel like I was stylishly standing out in any setting. The positive feedback and attention that I got from my friends were unlike any other outfit that I’ve worn in quite some time, making for a memorable night. I’ve gained the confidence to pair them with prints and other designs from my wardrobe, and the reaction has also been so enthusiastically affirming. They make me feel unique and make me stand out from the crowd. 

This collection comes in a variety of eye-catching colors like Ultraviolet, Pop Pink, Unmellow Yellow, Outrageous Orange, and Galactic Green. The Tieks neon Collection, they are intricately handmade and dyed in the town of Santa Croce sull’Arno, a town in Italy. To create such a vibrant color, they hand-dye them with brilliant fluorescent pigments in a process that took years to develop to get the right hues. Then, a patent finish tops off the shoemaking process, giving them that ultra-saturated neon color glow and shine. 

For those unfamiliar with Tieks, each shoe is meticulously made over 3 days, with over 150 steps to complete a single pair. Each pair is cleverly designed and handcrafted, with a commitment to craftsmanship and attention to every detail. Kfir Gavrieli, the CEO of Tieks, designed the first luxury pair of flats designed to fold thanks to their patented split-sole design. The high-end ballet flat is known for its artisanship, handmade from Italian leather, vegan materials, and textiles. By far, the Tieks Neon Collection is the most eye-popping and splashy design they have out right now for a limited time.

Get your Glow on with the Tieks Neon Collection

Inspired by its electro hue, Ultraviolet is named after the radiant pop of color that transcends purple. Rock these dazzling Ultraviolet Tieks Neon flats to any outfit. Adding this electrifying supersaturated violet accessory will definitely get people’s attention. 

Next is Pop Pink, which was my first purchase because I love anything pink. The pink transcends any shade of pink that you are familiar with; they are beyond pink and almost luminescent. Plus, the turquoise soles compliment the exterior color even further so you’ll be extra confident in transitioning from a daytime look to a night-out outfit. 

The sunshine-like glow of the Unmellow Yellow makes any piece of clothing look captivating. Like all the Tieks, this hyper-yellow shoe has a non-elasticized, cushioned back and 

non-skid rubber soles, and comfortable cushioned instep so you can wear them out days at a time with any outfit without them being uncomfortable. 

Surprisingly, the Outrageous Orange was one of my favorite Tieks I purchased. Usually not my favorite of colors, this made a bold statement piece. They can be toned down with white clothing. But, I preferred to pair them with blouses and dresses from my wardrobe that complement the orange, like blues, purples, and browns, adding that extra flair I was going for.

Last but certainly not least is the Galactic Green. These out-of-this-world fluorescent green pair are practically glowing. This vibrant color was the focal point to anything that I wore them out with. I loved wearing them out with different shades of greens, hot pinks, and anything black to make my look even more unique. 

The Tieks Neon collection is only available during the summer months, so pick up a pair (or all of them like I did!) before they are gone. Tieks are available in whole sizes from size 5 to size 13. Plus, they come in cute packaging. Each pair of Tieks comes with a reusable nylon tote, a small pouch to store your Tieks, a handwritten thank you note, a card describing how to take care of them, and a cute box. Purchasing the Tieks Neon collection was such a good investment; they are so well made that I know I will wear them out for years to come!

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