Everything You Need to Know If Your Child Has a Birth Injury

Everything You Need to Know If Your Child Has a Birth Injury

Giving birth to your offspring is one of the best moments of your lifetime. However, this happiness can be cut short when you realize they have a birth injury. This can if frustrating if you realize the injury was caused by negligence by the delivery staff. The cost of treating your child and the trauma it can cause is great. Additionally, you will incur many medical bills and lost wages trying to take care of your child and ensure they recover well. That is why you need to consider hiring Columbus Personal Injury Claim to help you get compensation for all the damage you and your child incur. This article will explore everything you should know if your child has a birth injury.

Causes of Birth Injury 

The delivery staff is expected to meet the standards of care exercised by other professionals with the same experience level. When they fail to meet these standards, they will be liable for medical malpractice to those injured due to their negligence.

Some of the causes of childbirth injuries are

  • Meconium aspiration
  • Excessive force and trauma
  • Delayed C-section
  • Oxygen deprivation during, before, and following delivery

It’s important to act immediately after you realize your child suffered an injury to see if the situation can be reversed and if they can recover well.

Some Of the Injuries That Your Child Can Incur Due to Negligence

There are many injuries that your child can suffer as a result of negligence. Some of these injuries can be permanent, with others being treatable over time. Here are some of the birth injuries

  • Brain injuries
  • Branchial Plexus Injuries
  • Cerebral Palsy Nerve Damage 
  • Spasticity
  • Facial Paralysis
  • Scalp Bleeding
  • Death

What to Do Following a Birth Injury

When you learn your child has suffered a birth injury, you can contact your lawyer to help you confirm if the injuries could have been prevented. Healthcare professionals could prevent most birth injuries by following standard care. Since this might confuse you, your lawyer can help investigate what happened and confirm if your offspring’s birth injury was induced by medical negligence. If it were, they would help you file a medical malpractice lawsuit and ensure you get compensation for the damage caused.

Types of Early Intervention

After a birth injury, the intervention should be done as early as possible to avoid permanent health conditions. You should note that birth injuries will differ from child to child, and the treatment will be customized to meet your child’s needs. The doctor will give you the available options and point out the one that will be best. Some of the common treatment options used include

  • Medication

Different medications can be used to treat birth injuries. These medications can help manage seizures, pain, and muscle disorders.

  • Therapy

You can consider emotional, speech, occupational, and physical therapy to help treat your child after suffering birth injuries. Therapy helps improve your child and enables them to participate in daily activities. Physical therapy will help improve your child’s strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and muscle control. Additionally, occupational therapy can play a crucial role in helping your child overcome daily challenges.

It’s a Wrap!

It’s important to promise the health of your child and ensure they get immediate care for the birth injuries caused. Also, hire a reputable lawyer to help you focus on your child as they help you compensate for the damage.