Flowy Shirts: Cozy For Beach, Ideas, Looks

Flowy Shirts: Cozy For Beach, Ideas, Looks

Flowy shirts are also called poet shirts. They are extremely practical and comfortable at the same time. Initially these flowy shirts were worn by men in the 17th century.  Flowy shirts usually have big sleeves so as to not suffocate the arms. They do have large frills and ruffles at the sleeves or at the neck line. Satin and cotton are the most used fabrics for the shirt style. Although it was originally designed as a male clothing, ladies now also wear it.


A Little History: Flowy Shirts


The modern flowy shirt combines two elements—the severity of basic shirts used as a stand-alone garment by laborers and the casualness of frilly shirts worn as an inner wear by aristocrats—despite being derived from the blouses dressed by men in the 17th century. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Movie stars portraying characters like swordsmen or pirates wore pseudo-historical clothing that was popular among males and was inspired by Romanticism.


Few Tips That Are Going To Save You From Looking Awkward: Flowy Shirts


Fabric structure is particularly crucial for flowy tops. If you pick anything too light, it might stick to your skin and draw attention to any parts you might wish to hide. If you select something that is overly stiff or heavy, it could stand out oddly and make you appear larger than you actually are. Pick something with a delicate fabric that provides enough structure to glide well over your body without adhering or catching on it in an unpleasant way.


Flowy shirts typically have a lot more cloth than regular tops do. Additionally, having so much fabric may feel a little too much for your frame. In order to balance that, expose a little more body. Wear a pair of flowy slacks and shoes that reveal your feet and ankles, or try a flowy blouse with a v-neck neckline. If you’re wearing a flowy shirt, stay away from being completely covered.

Flowy Shirts


Style Flowy Shirts

What is a better choice than to wear a flowy shirt on a beach? It gives beach vibes for sure. Choose a white flowy shirt for this outfit look. It would be much better if you choose a buttoned up shirt. Match the flowy shirt with some white or cream flowy pants. A pair of flowy pants is the best pick when going to a beach and especially with a flowy shirt. Do not wear the shirt as it is. Instead you can wear something of a white bralette to pair up with the white pants and white flowy shirt.


Flowy Shirt For Casualwear


Wear any flowy shirt of any color that has an accentuation at the waist. So that it looks more feminine than the other flowy shirts. Pair this flowy shirt with jeans. Preferably that of a blue color. Wear a handbag that is relatively bigger than a minibag. Maybe of the color beige. Beige goes with typically anything. You can wear heels or flats depending upon your comfort.

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