Four Insane Strategies That Always Work in Online Casinos

online slots - Four Insane Strategies That Always Work in Online Casinos

Today even slot players use different strategies to increase their chances of big winnings. For sure no one strategy can give some guarantee because all the modern slots are based on the RNG so the results of the spins will be determined randomly. Also, it should be noted that some of such strategies are insane and give the gambler nothing but the money loses. At the same time even among such crazy recommendations can be founded some really great strategies that you can use to get the best result from each spin. About 4 of such insane but highly effective strategies you will read on this page below. So continue to read and find some new ways to increase your chances to hit the real jackpot. But do not use the selected strategy in a paid mode before you will test it for free playing DEMO with zero risk. 

The most effective of the strange strategies – TOP 4 

So read the strategies below and try each of them in a free play online in DEMO mode to understand if there is any sense:

  1. Never Play Blackjack Again – this is a strategy that can be interesting for card game fans. Due to it, you shouldn’t play Blackjack ever again after the first loss. So you will have a limited number of the game session and will need to find another game. Isn’t that crazy? For sure, but this strategy works 100% because after you wouldn’t have even an opportunity to lose your money.
  2. Only Play Max Lines in Slot Games – according to this strategy gamblers will need to activate the maximum number of pay lines in selected slots. For sure it can be used only in slots with the option of pay lines number changing. And to be true it works for those who want to get the bigger winnings also because the number of active pay lines is affected by the amount of money that the player will get.
  3. Play Keno Instead of Other Games – one more strange but effective strategy for those who are tired of the typical slots. It’s a good strategy to take a rest and get big winnings at the same time.
  4. Only placing maximum bets on slots – this strategy looks like the 2nd one but it is not. Here gamblers will need to select not the max number of pay lines, but the maximum bet sizes as well. And what is interesting is that it really works. But to use it you will need to prepare the right bankroll!

As you can see there are lots of strange gambling strategies that you can use in online casinos and some of them are effective. But dont forget to test the selected strategies in DEMO before making the first cash bet.


Now you know about the most effective strange strategies so you can use them to play online slots. Remember that that’s only some of the strategies that you can use so if none of them wouldn’t work for you then feel free to find another one. You then feel free to find another one Also, you can always just make your own strategy to get even better results in online gambling. To make a strategy you will need some experience in gambling and enough time for analyzing the results of each spin.

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