Getting a Haircut? Here Are 5 Things You Need to Consider First!

Without a doubt, hair care should always be a part of every person’s overall hygiene routine. It’s not just for appearance, but because proper care helps ensure that you keep your hair and scalp healthy. And part of hair care is getting your haircut. While haircuts have been associated with people experiencing something significant in their lives, it could also be because they’re tired and irritated of seeing their hair out of style, full of split ends, and more.


The abundance of salons makes it easy to enter one and get your hair chopped for a simple bob or wolf cut hairstyle. If you’re ready for a haircut but traumatized by a bad haircut incident, let’s find out what to check first to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

1. Ask yourself if you want it

While reading this article because you’ve decided to get a haircut, there’s nothing wrong with asking yourself again. It is to check if you weren’t influenced by a friend, a favorite actor, or an actress to copy their hairstyle. Since you will live with that style until your hair grows back, you want to ensure that it’s what you truly want. If you’ve decided on a hairstyle, ask your stylist if it fits your face type. Though it is still your choice, it’s not such a bad idea to get a second opinion from an expert.

2. Know which hairstyles fit the shape of your face

Another vital thing to check is the shape of your face. Do you have a heart or square-shaped face? Is it round or oval? Knowing your face shape is essential because it helps you and your stylist determine which haircuts look best. While you may want bangs to go with your new hairdo, it will look weird if you don’t have a large forehead. If you have an oval-shaped face, there are plenty of flattering hairstyles. Talk with your stylist and decide on one.

3. Ask about the maintenance your new hairdo will need

People may like certain hairstyles because they look great on others and want them for themselves too. However, they may not realize the intense maintenance necessary to keep it looking that way and that good. Remember that the stylist will only be cutting and styling your hair. But once you are out and about, then it’s all you. Hence, it’s essential to check first if it will match your daily habits, commutes, and so on before you get your haircut to a particular style. If you do not like a style that’s too high maintenance, it’s a good idea to go with one that requires lower upkeep.

4. Check out different hair salons and stylists

Depending on your area, there may be plenty of salons to choose from, which can be overwhelming. But the good thing is you can check for online reviews and read about other people’s experiences of getting their hair cut by a particular stylist from a particular salon. Getting thoughts from family and friends is also a good idea. Better yet, why not visit to check out the place, see the rates, and observe the hairstylist and their work? In doing so, you will have an idea of how they work and be able to choose the one you can trust with your hair. Another thing to remember is to be open to the suggested cuts and styles of the stylist, and you can decide whether to go with it or not.

5. Determine your hair texture

It’s important to remember that when you go inside the salon, they will check your face shape and your hair’s texture. From fine and medium to coarse hair texture, it’s possible to get the perfect haircut once the texture is identified. Despite curly hair, you can ask the stylist to experiment, such as cutting it short. People with fine hair texture tend to complain about the lack of volume, so they may want to give a pixie or undercut style a try. If you want something versatile, why not ask your stylist if a wolf-cut hair will fit you?

Key Takeaways

While it’s true that hair is just hair, it is still your hair. And if you want to avoid a bad haircut incident, it’s good to keep these things in mind before you book an appointment with the nearest hair salon in the area. With the right stylist and discussing things such as face shape, hair texture, and many more, you can be ready to face the outside world with a new look.

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