How Many Days You Should Spend In paris

There is no right answer as to how long you should spend in Paris. However, for a solid itinerary, we recommend at most four days. You will be able to see some of the most popular attractions in Paris, as well as lesser-known arrondissements. This time is sufficient to visit some top-notch sites and explore some less-known areas. Here are some itineraries that can be used, from 24 hours up to a week (and beyond)

Plan Your Paris Trip

It was an amazing adventure! It is sure to be an unforgettable experience to visit the French capital. For first-time visitors, plan for around 4-5 days. This will allow you to see some of Paris’s most iconic landmarks and explore a few of its 20 arrondissements.

Even if you have only a few days to explore the city, it is worth your time to get to know the history and culture of the city. We can help you make a decision. Paris is one of the most popular cities in the world, especially during July and August. You’ll need to be energized to navigate the crowds and keep your spirits up. The best times to visit Paris are spring, May, June and autumn. They tend to be cheaper and more crowded.

Paris in 1 to 2 days

Perhaps you have added Paris to your itinerary as a stopover on the way to another destination or you want to see Paris before you travel further afield to France. You can have many memorable experiences in a matter of days.

Start your morning with fresh croissants from a bakery or boulangerie recommended. You can start your journey early to the 19th-century iron lattices at the Eiffel Tower if you have a newbie to Paris. You can save time by purchasing Eiffel tower tickets online up until two months before the event so that you can get to the ‘Visitor with Tickets” line. Those who are fit can also save time by choosing the “stairway” ticket.

Paris in 3-4 Days

Add a few more days to your trip to give yourself more time to explore the city. You might prefer to start your tour with a walking tour. A private guide will accompany you to Saint-Chapelle and the Royal Palace.

You’ll also be guided through the Marais district by your guide. Here you will see symbolic places like the Place des Vosges. This square is the oldest in Paris and was once Victor Hugo’s home. This is a wonderful spot where you can relax and watch the people. This famous area is located in the heart of Paris and is known for its unique shops that sell everything, from designer clothes to tea to absinthe to tea.

Paris in 5-6 Days

You may be able to see some places that are not on the itinerary if you take a longer trip to Paris. You can take the Metro from Montmartre to reach Sacre Coeur, a white Roman Catholic church that is located at the top of Paris’s 18th arrondissement. It is a beautiful morning walk that you can take along the winding, hilly streets of Paris.

You can fit in a day trip by train from Paris to the Palace of Versailles and Royal Gardens. This is 14 miles southwest of Paris. You have two options: take the train to embark on a self guided tour or you can take a skip-the-line Versailles tour ticket. Your guide will explain the history and daily life of the royal court while you walk through the Royal Gardens.

Paris in 7 Days or More

Paris for a week or longer! You have the chance to explore all the outdoor markets, restaurants, and activities you’ve never been to, possibly by bicycle or electric scooter. This is an easy and affordable way to navigate through the city’s narrow streets and reach cool neighborhoods.

You’ll find the most trendy coffee shops and boutique hotels here, as well as the lively Rue Montorgueil lined with untouristed cafés, bakeries, fish shops, cheese shops, wine shops, wine bars, and produce stands. There are many terraces where you can enjoy a leisurely meal outside while taking in the sights.


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