How Quickly A Home Can Be Ruined By Water Damage

Water is one of the most dangerous natural forces you can encounter. It doesn’t take much to ruin your home when water is involved. You may not even know that you leak. When water seeps into your home, it destroys everything in its path. The wood in your floors, walls, and roof will expand and contract as the outside temperature changes near the freezing point and when it gets hot or cold outside, which causes cracks to form over time because of this expanding and contracting process. The following timeline shows how quickly water damage can ruin your home.

1. First 6-8 Hours

Even if you don’t see water, it is already there. Moisture from rain and snow can soak through your roof and walls. Never touch electrical appliances if you have water on your hands, feet, or any other part of your body because it can conduct electricity.

2. First 24 Hours

It’s only in the first 24 hours that mold growth begins in small amounts. With the first raindrops, water starts to seep into your wood frame structure from the outside timbers and your walls. Over time, this will cause moisture to collect inside your home, as you will find mold growing in small drips within a few hours of flooding.

3. Between 24-72 Hours

It usually takes 48 hours for mold to grow in high amounts inside your home if it is not already there and if you have a certain degree of humidity in your area. Water damage causes moisture to stay on surfaces such as ceilings, walls, and floors longer than usual, causing mold growth quickly after the water has ceased flowing through the home.

4. After three days

After three days, mold will become visible on ceilings and walls if there is any water damage in the home. It is too late to save your home from a fully-grown mold colony. All you can do at this time is act quickly and notify the authorities about your problem.

5. After seven days

If water damage has been in place for more than seventy-two hours, the spores from mold are now airborne, making people sick and destroying your home’s furnishings and belongings until they are entirely covered with a heavy layer of blackish-green or grey material that can be very toxic to humans. Home disaster cleanup services must come in and dispose of everything infected with mold. All surfaces must be removed and replaced so mold doesn’t return home.

Water damage can occur without your knowledge. Call an inspector if any moisture is left on the walls or the floor. If you leak, remove all the water and seal it up properly before it spreads and grows into a serious health risk for your family. Home disaster cleanup services can help you with water damage cleanup. Remember, time is always of the essence regarding water damage. The longer you wait to deal with the problems caused by it, the more expensive it will be to get your home back in shape again.

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