How To Achieve Gilded Look With Gold Tiles?

Gold is a color that represents prosperity and wealth and is frequently connected to strength, elegance, and luxury.  Gold, considered a sacred color, is used to adorn shrines, temples, tombs, books from the Middle Ages, and exquisite bathrooms, among other places. Similar to yellow, gold may not immediately come to mind when considering bathroom tile, but it can instantly make a space feel cozier and more luxurious. We’ll walk you through the process of selecting gold bathroom tiles, whether your goal is to add delicate metallic accents, tile a gold feature wall, or gild every wall.

Types of Gold tiles

There are many options available when it comes to bathroom gold tiles, ranging from delicate gold mosaics to large-format marble tiles embellished with real gold and glass tiles. It’s important to keep in mind that gold doesn’t always have to be metallic; some yellow hues, like ochre, can impart a subtler yet no less striking gold look.

What colors go with gold?

Even though gold is a stunning color, you might not want to use golden tiles throughout your bathroom. Gold complements all other colors because it is a warm color. Gold and white, gold and black, gold and navy blue or deep green, gold and gray, and gold and cream are particularly striking combinations. Gold is a bling neutral that goes with everything and is very classic, so it will not go out of style.

How can you style your bathroom with golden tiles?

Brighten up the neutral bathroom

Among the earliest types of tiles are mosaics. Mosaic tiles, which were particularly well-liked by the Romans and remain popular today, are ideal for introducing interest, breaking up solid color sections, and adding a decorative element to a space. Mosaics allow for greater creativity than larger tiles because of their small size. Consider putting in splashbacks, borders, stripes, or tiling inside shower stalls or inset wall sections. Whatever you decide to do, you can be certain that the outcome will be stunning.

Add luxury

Marble wall and floor tiles are a fantastic way to add gold to a bathroom.  You can choose porcelain tiles with a practical marble effect or natural marble, which are less striking than metallic gold tiles. Both large and small bathrooms can benefit greatly from the use of large-format marble tiles. Marble looks best when used floor to ceiling, but it can also be used to highlight a specific area of the room, like the shower cubicle, or combined with plain flooring and coordinating patterned tiles, as in the bathroom below.

Add wall to wall gold tile

Why not cover the entire bathroom in stunning metallic tiles if you’re feeling very daring when it comes to gold? These tiles are the pinnacle of opulent bathroom design because they contain a layer of genuine gold leaf embedded in the glass. Few other tiles can match the impact of a solid wall made entirely of gold tiles. For optimal results, keep bathroom fixtures simple and floor tiles plain. 


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