How to Display Your College Degree

Did you know that there are 4 million new college graduates with each passing year in the United States of America? Getting your college degree is a massive accomplishment and something that you should be proud of. This means finding great display ideas for your to put your diploma on the wall or by choosing to frame degree.

It might seem like there is only one good way to go about this, but you need to consider all of your options before deciding if you want to hang degree and how you want to match your degree display to your room decor. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn more about the best ways to display your college degree with pride.

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Custom Framing for Your College Degree

One of the best display ideas when it comes to your college degree is investing in a custom frame. Custom frames provide a bit of flair to your degree display while protecting your diploma from the elements. On top of that, it is easy to remove your degree from the frame if you need to at some point down the road.

There are some big advantages to going with a custom frame for your college degree. Custom frames are easy to change the colors of in order to match your room decor. This is a big deal if you move to a new home or office and your custom frame’s design clashes with the interior of the room or office you want to place your degree in.

This option also allows you to remove your college degree from the frame in a safe way. Not all framing options allow for that and nothing is worse than accidentally damaging your college degree that you worked so hard to earn. This is important because some job opportunities required a copy of your diploma in order to verify that you’re qualified for the position.

A custom frame also provides the benefit of protecting your college degree from the elements. This is important if you live in a climate that experiences a high amount of humidity. Humid climates allow moisture to work its way into frames but a custom frame is designed to keep your diploma safe and sound from the elements for decades.

One thing to consider is investing in glass that protects your college degree from ultraviolet light. Over a long enough time period, the ultraviolet rays of the sun will damage your diploma and cause it to look like a fake diploma.

College Degree Plaques

Another great option when you’re trying to decide the best way to display your college degree is to consider using a college degree plaque to hang degree on the wall. This is one of the most budget-friendly ways to display your college degree with pride.

Placing your college degree on a plaque involves putting the diploma on a decorative board and it has an acrylic sheet placed over the diploma as a way to protect it from the sun and moisture in the air. If you choose to go this route then it is recommended that you find a plaque that will allow you to easily remove your diploma in the case that you need it for an interview.

While the slip-in acrylic option is better than other types of plaques that poke holes into your diploma to keep it in place, neither is the best option for the long-term wellbeing of your diploma. If your diploma is in direct contact with the acrylic then it opens the possibility of moisture damage to your diploma which might ruin it.

It also adds the possibility of tearing your diploma when you try to remove it. Moisture buildup under the acrylic might cause your college degree to stick to the acrylic if you try to remove it. It might even cause staining and the growth of mildew if you’re not careful and attentive to the state of your college degree.

Permanent Lamination

Another great option that you should consider when it comes to your college degree is permanent lamination. It is important to remember that if you choose this option it is completely irreversible. It creates a classy look that will go well with any room decor when you decide on where to display your degree. 

The drawback is that you’ll never be able to update the appearance of the degree display itself. There is also the risk that the lamination company uses cheap plastic. Cheap plastic will begin changing color over time. The glue that gets used will also start to deteriorate and even begin damaging your college degree.

This is especially risky if you have an honors sticker or a raised gold seal on your diploma. The laminate will press down on the seal and make the inscription on it unreadable. 

Tips for Choosing The Right College Degree Frame

There are some general tips that you should follow when trying to find the right frame for your college degree. Try to find a frame that will allow you to remove the diploma without damaging it. Never let your diploma get spray mounted or dry mounted permanently to a board or plaque.

You should also try to find a diploma frame that has a quality mat behind it. This mat helps to display your diploma while also keeping it removed from the glass of the frame for the best preservation.

You’ll also want to find a frame that goes well with the decor and appearance of the room that you’re wanting to display your college degree in.

Show Your College Degree off With Pride

Getting your college degree is one of the biggest moments of your life, and it is only right that you’d want to show your degree off with pride. There are many different options to choose from when it comes to showing off our diploma. You can hang it on a wall or prop it on a shelf for guests to see.

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