How to Store CBD Products the Right Way

How to Store CBD Products the Right Way

If you’ve started using CBD products, you’re probably wondering how long they last and if there’s anything you can do to keep them in good condition throughout their shelf life.

It’s true that CBD has an expiry date like most things, but it should last many months under proper conditions.

The compound can stay fresh and maintain its viability if stored properly. The opposite is also true. If you don’t ensure proper storage, the chances are that your goods may go bad long before their time for Shipping Containers in New Jersey.

Remember, what the label on your product says doesn’t necessarily matter if the storage environment isn’t ideal.

How to Know if Your CBD Product Has Gone Bad

Much like any perishable item, you’ll notice something has changed about your delta-8 CBD edibles product. It may not taste as it usually does, or it may be producing a funny smell.

If your goods don’t appear, taste, or smell right, it’s probably time to go shopping again.

Remember, the noticeable changes also reflect the chemical profile. The product will no longer have the same potency level due to the degrading cannabinoids and terpenes.

Tips for storing CBD Products the Right Way

Veriheal is an excellent resource if you’re wondering how you can properly store weed so it can last. We’ll go a bit further and show you the right way to store CBD products in particular.

1.      Consider the Product Itself

One of the things that affect the shelf life of CBD is the end product. Different items have different capacities for staying fresh. For instance, CBD oil will last a lot longer than gummies or cookies.

CBD can last a long time in its oil form, but carrier oils vary, and some may be more durable than others.

Since some products are more perishable compared to others, the products you buy will determine your storage options.

2.      Avoid Heat and Moisture

For many perishables, heat is bad news, and CBD is not an exception. Your product will degrade faster when exposed to areas with sunlight. If you think the air around the house is too warm, find your product a cool spot.

It would be best if you didn’t leave CBD packages or containers in the kitchen where they can be exposed to heat and moisture.

Like heat, moisture is quite damaging. It tends to create the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

You want to make sure the storage area is dry at all times and that the bottles or tins you’re using are moisture-proof.

3.      Use Airtight Containers

Air is one of the conditions you have to be super careful about. It’s everywhere, and it doesn’t look like it can cause much damage to your CBD products, but it can affect CBD just as much as heat can.

Depending on the product, it may come in an airtight container. That’s usually the case with CBD oil and even gummies. It’s best to maintain them in their original container.

However, other forms of edibles may come in plastic packs, which once torn, there’s no way to keep the air out. You may want to buy airtight storage containers separately. We suggest a clear container, preferably made of glass, as it doesn’t absorb germs or food particles.

4.      Store in the Refrigerator

Your products will fare better inside the refrigerator since it’s a cool environment. The cold can ensure CBD lasts longer by keeping the infused product fresh.

However, if it is CBD oil, there may not be any need for storing it inside the fridge. The tinctures are made to last pretty long at room temperature, making freezing unnecessary.

Also, bear in mind that while edibles may be fine in the refrigerator, CBD oil may change its natural form by becoming thicker, even after taking it out.


Your CBD edibles, topicals, or oils are rich in cannabinoids, but they contain other ingredients too. Having all these additives in one place means that one or more of them may be vulnerable to certain conditions.

Extreme conditions like heat, humidity, light, dust, and air exposure can easily trigger degradation by affecting various ingredients.

That sums up what you need to know about storing CBD products the right way. With these tips, you should enjoy CBD without worrying it’ll go bad.


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