Some Unconventional Uses Of Swiss Army Knives

A Swiss army knife also known as a multi-tool is a versatile tool, and its pliers, blade, and knife are used to perform various daily tasks. However, beyond these conventional roles, this simple cutting tool can be used for several unconventional purposes as well. 

Using A Cutting Tool Differently 

Multi-tools are very useful and are in great demand at all times. So, if you wish to start a business by selling pocket knives, that would be a good idea. You must first get in touch with a Swiss army knife distributor so that you can market your products properly.

Piercing Your Belt

It is not uncommon for a belt to not have the holes in the right place. You may need to puncture the belt at several locations from time to time. A pen or a pencil nip is not sharp enough to drill a hole through a leather belt, but the blade of a small pocket knife may be of help. So, you must try out the belt and mark the position where you want the holes. Then, use the sharp end of the blade and keep applying pressure till you puncture the surface of the belt.

As A Keychain

Most people restrict a pocket knife or a clasp knife to a tool and use it only when they need a scissor or a blade; however, it can also be used as a keychain. So, if you have a habit of losing your keys every now and then, you can always use a small clasp knife. Choose a shiny clasp knife with a beautiful design and attach your keys to it.

Wrap Your Gifts With Ease

A clasp knife and a sellotape are all that you need to wrap a gift perfectly. A clasp knife has a scissor, blades and knives. All these can be used to cut the gift wrapping paper, cut the tape and pack the gift. So, the next time when you have to wrap many gifts for Christmas, do not forget to use your clasp knife.

Punching A Hole In A Piece Of Paper

A cutting tool like a clasp knife has a punching tool that rarely gets used. The punching tool looks like a flat blade that has a hole in between. So, if you wish to use this tool, just place the hole in the blade over a piece of paper and pierce it with a sharp, pointed object like a pen or a pencil. Although the hole will not be as accurate as a punching machine, it will be good enough to meet your needs.

Final Words

From this blog post, it is clear that a cutting tool like a clasp knife has several unconventional uses as well. These knives are a worthy purchase, and they can be used as a keychain, for punching holes in a piece of paper, and for wrapping gifts. So, if you have a clasp knife at home, start using it for these unconventional uses as well.

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