Top 5 Most Popular Australian TV Stations

During the late 1920s and early 1930s, Australia began its experimental television debut. The country found its footing in Australian media in September 1956 with TCN-9. This introduced families to a wealth of information and education.

Over the years, tons of broadcasts became wildly successful and historical. These days, there is an endless supply of broadcasts such as “The Late Show”, “Hey Hey It’s Saturday”, and “Fast Forward to Enjoy”.

In case you’re wondering what TV stations to consume, this guide is for you. Keep reading to find out what to tune in to.

  1. Channel 9

When talking about the most popular Australian TV stations, channel 9 takes the lead. Amongst the big 3 (Channel 9, 10, and 7), Channel 9 historically hits the highest ratings. The station is a natural rival to Channel 7 and dominates the news and current affairs market.

Everyone loves the popular breakfast TV show “Weekend Today”. Sports broadcasting is yet another area Channel 9 excels in with its NRL live digital broadcast.

You will also find loved programs such as “A Current Affair” and “60 Minutes”. For the reality tv aficionado, there is “The Block”, “Married at First Sight”, and “Millionaire Hot Seat”.

  1. Channel 7

When it comes to Australian television, Channel 9 has dominated for years, yet Channel 7 is giving 9 a run for its money. Since 2007, Channel 7 has consistently held the highest-rated TV network title. With its competitive morning program “Sunrise”, the popularity continues to rise edging out Channel 9’s “Weekend Today”.

If you’re in search of a mainstream broadcast, you will feel right at home with such programs as “House Rules”, “My Kitchen Rules”, and “Australia’s Got Talent”. Rounding out the Australian media list there are shows such as “Border Security”, “Highway Patrol”, and “Better Homes and Gardens”.

For the avid AFL and Cricket fan, Channel 7 is your go-to sports broadcasting network. If you are in need of professional assistance, we highly encourage you to contact NuLife TV services.

  1. Channel 10

Channel 10 began in Melbourne with the name ATV-O in 1964. In terms of TV stations in Australia, Channel 10 continues to be a strong player in the space.

With that said, this didn’t come with its ups and downs. Programs like “Young Talent Time” and “Number 96” stabilized Channel 10. Some of the biggest hits throughout the years were “Australian Idol” and “Australian Big Brother”. Other popular programs include “Masterchef” and “Bondi Rescue”.

You will be please to know that you can enjoy such sports broadcasting as Wallabies games, Formula One, MotoGP, and the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

  1. ABC

ABC Television is the broadcasting arm under the publicly funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation. ABC consists of 4 non-commercial Australian television channels. These channels provide the community with news updates and emergency information.

Most popular shows on the network include “Catalyst”, “Australian Story”, “Four Corners”, “Q&A”, and “Media Watch”.

  1. SBS

SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) takes a hybrid approach with Australian television and radio. The network’s history originates after World War II. Many of the original programs in 1978 consisted of imports with English subtitles.

Bringing it up to current times, SBS’s claim to fame is the rebroadcast of the adult cartoon “South Park”. Aside from this, you will love tuning in to “The Feed”, “Who Do You Think You Are?”, and “Dateline”.

Which Australian TV Stations Will You Tune In To?

Have you found what Australian TV stations you’ll tune in to? As you can see, there is no shortage of something to find. Whatever your liking, you can be entertained morning through night.

To keep up with the entertainment industry, you’re in the right place. Be sure to browse our blog to keep your finger on the pulse (and remote).


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