What Are the Real World Benefits of Pursuing an Avionics Degree?

Remember lying on the grass as a kid watching airplanes fly overhead? You wondered what made them fly, and how everything inside worked. Maybe you even dreamed of working with those airplanes as a career.

But now that you’ve grown up, you don’t want to work as a flight attendant, and you’re not thrilled about piloting the aircraft either. Are there other options?

With an avionics degree, you can still chase your dreams of working with planes by becoming an aircraft technician. There are 11.3 million people working in aviation. Let’s learn about the benefits of earning a degree in avionics.

Variety of Job Opportunities

When you first think of an aircraft mechanic, you might think about the people you see checking your plane before you take off for a vacation. But there are many more roles for technicians.

A person with a degree in avionics may find themselves working as an airline mechanic. The military and the companies that make planes for airlines both need mechanics.

You can work in general aviation, on private planes, and even on space vehicles. A quick search on a job website will turn up some surprising names of companies hiring aircraft mechanics. Any sector that has aircraft will need technicians to keep planes operational.

Recruiters help match technicians to jobs within the aviation industry. These agencies ensure that highly qualified people get matched with employers that need their skills. You can learn more about how recruiting works in aviation from the agency itself.

Contribute to Safety

Technology has brought about more sophisticated avionics systems. As a result, skilled technicians are necessary to make sure these systems work.

As a technician, you will perform maintenance and repair on the mechanical parts of a plane. You will be the first to see if there are any problems that require the grounding of an aircraft. You will prevent accidents and keep passengers and cargo safe.

You will make sure that the systems are functioning as intended so that the pilot has everything needed to make the flight safe. Pride and satisfaction come in keeping people safe as they travel.

Good Benefits

In addition to the prestige that comes with working to keep the skies safe, most employers offer attractive benefits for their mechanics. 

Although compensation varies by sector and location, avionics technicians generally receive good pay. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the mean hourly wage at $33.26 per hour and the mean salary at $69,180. 

In addition to the money, many employers offer some attractive perks. Commercial airlines often give their employees the opportunity to take flights for free. Other employers offer overtime opportunities, meaning you will take home even more pay.

Earn Your Avionics Degree

The aviation industry is critical to the global economy. The best avionics technicians are the backbone of this industry as they keep the planes running smoothly. Enroll in an avionics degree program today and pursue your dreams of working on aircraft.

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