Where To Eat in Atlanta – The Best Places

The United States of America consists of 50 states, which is a lot to explore. One of the fifty states that we will learn about is Georgia. It is the 24-th biggest state in the area, and 8th most populous state. Atlanta is the largest city in the state, and it is also Georgia’s capital. Atlanta is a popular travel destination. There are many things to do in Atlanta, as the city has a rich history to discover, exciting museums to attend, and shopping is great too. However, this article has helpful information on where to eat in Atlanta.  

Top restaurants to attend

  • Hopstix is an Asian Brewpub.

Restaurant guests have an opportunity to enjoy homemade craft brews, and Asia-inspired dishes. The place offers a food menu, beer menu, drinks & cocktails. On Tuesdays they have Taco days, and on Thursday it is Tuna days. One can check their menu and all the needed information here. 

  • Staplehouse.

The place opened in 2015 and has become very popular since that time. The owner is also a chef and a professional at what he is doing. The menu is often upgraded, and there are lots of seasonal dishes. Must-try is the fluffy potato rolls. Food can also be eaten as takeout. There are traditional American foods and more. 

How to get to these places

If the trip to Atlanta is planned, and the list of cafes/restaurants to visit is written, then the general planning is behind. However, there is one more thing one should do when landing at the airport. One has to check out the Thrifty car rentals Atlanta airport and book a car. Then a traveler will be able to go to the hotel, leave all the luggage there and drive to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

Driving and eating in Atlanta

It is easy to rent a car in Atlanta and enjoy the city. Driving in Atlanta is safe and easy. It is recommended for those who plan to travel to Atlanta to have a 14CARS.com App to be able to rent a car faster and easier. When a person just came to Atlanta, he/she is definitely a bit tired and hungry. So, the recommendation is to go straight to Phew’s Pies’ and try their amazing pizza. You will be surprised by the taste, as they add pepper and lemon on top of their pizzas. Their chicken wings are also amazing. Check out this page for more places to go to.   

Beautiful location and great food – Canoe

If a traveler decides to rent a car and is ready to explore more of Atlanta, then he/she should definitely go to Canoe. This place is very popular among locals. People like to celebrate important events there, such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. The place is a bit outside of the city, but it is not a problem with a car. This restaurant is located by the river, the view is great. It is recommended to try their burgers, pastry baskets, and brioche French toast. 

For those who have a sweet tooth 

Revolution Doughnuts is a place to go to after one had a good lunch. Who doesn’t want something sweet after lunch? After one finds Atlanta cars for rent and takes the car, he/she can go straight to this place. Great coffee is served too. It is recommended to try their peach sliders, those are really good. 

Since Atlanta is a big and populous city, it is really a good thing that available cars for rental are easy to find. Using public transportation is ok too, but it is more comfortable when a traveler has his/her own car and doesn’t have to depend on anyone or anything. Atlanta has many great restaurants and coffee shops, and there is a lot of information available, so the traveler only has to do some brief research and visit the best places. 


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