4 Benefits of Buying Used Trucks for Your Fleet

There will always be a need for semi-trucks to deliver goods across the country. Whether you’re starting a new trucking business or adding more trucks to an existing one, you may consider used fleet trucks instead of buying new ones. Here are four advantages of choosing a used rig over a new one.

It’s More Cost-Effective

New trucks are pricier than used ones. This is true for most vehicles. A new semi-truck is less likely to need repairs right away, and you have a full manufacturer’s warranty from the first mile. This comes at a price, though. In fact, a new semi-trucks value depreciates in the first year.

If you want to find a cost-effective semi-truck, you’re better off looking for a newer used truck. Since semi-truck agents easily last for a million miles or more, even a used truck with 700,000 miles on it has a lot of life left in it. A truck that is only a few years old can offer significant savings off the purchase price without becoming a mechanical liability.

You Can Still Have a Warranty

Purchasing a used rig that’s still in great condition and only a couple of years old allows you the chance to save money and still have a warranty. How long the warranty lasts depends on the manufacturer. You can sometimes buy extended warranties to cover costly repairs, too.

Insurance Is Cheaper

The cost of insurance is directly related to the price and value of the truck you’re ensuring. The more expensive the truck, the more you’ll pay for insurance. Therefore, a used semi-truck is going to be less expensive to insure. It’s a good idea to shop around for insurance and understand which trucks are more expensive to insure. Keep in mind that insurance companies use statistics and probability to determine the rates. It doesn’t reflect badly on the truck itself.

Test the Business Model

If you’re new to the hauling business or expanding your fleet of trucks, you can take some time to test the business model. Used trucks allow you to spend less money on startup costs, which means you will be profitable sooner. And if you’re already profitable now, purchasing a used truck ensures you keep more of the bottom line.

There are many advantages to purchasing used trucks. When you look at fleet trucks for sale, look for a used semi-truck in great condition to snag the best deal.

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