5 Common Uses of Kevlar Webbing

Kevlar Webbing - 5 Common Uses of Kevlar Webbing

Kevlar webbing breaks the boundaries of what it means to be a tough fabric. Since its development in 1965 by renowned scientist Stephanie Kwolek, it has dramatically improved product durability and safety potentials. This miracle fiber stops bullets, improves sports safety, and preserves the lives of our front-line heroes.

Do you want to find out how Kevlar webbing is used? Then, read this article to learn five common uses of Kevlar webbing.

1. Body Armor

Bulletproof vests and body armor make up the majority of products that use Kevlar. Police officers, military personnel, and bodyguards don’t have to worry about wearing bulky armor. Even civilians can buy Kevlar protective gear online, depending on their state laws. 

2. Sports Equipment

How would you win the ping-pong tournament without Kevlar lining your paddles? And because of Kevlar, your bicycle tires are now a match for the rough mountain trail. Your skis and snowboards have rigid cores that bring strength and, with it, better tension.

Paraglider suspension cords, archery bowstrings, and athletic shoes are just a few more examples of the many types of sports equipment made with Kevlar webbing. It’s in your weight vest and your medicine ball, so remember when working out at home and the gym.

3. Manufacturing and Production

Industrial environments have many applications for Kevlar webbing. These include belts, hoses, and other parts in need of extra reinforcement.

In addition, builders and construction workers need it in their protective gloves and boots should the potential for injury arise.

4. Vehicles

The transportation industry uses Kevlar on a larger scale. You’ll find it in car, airplane, and military helicopter parts.

So, how is Kevlar webbing used in vehicles? The fiber is currently being used in brake pads as a replacement for asbestos, a toxic substance.

Race Car Fuel Tanks

By using Kevlar to reinforced fuel tanks, modern race cars are less vulnerable to tank punctures. It reduces the risk of a fire following a crash. The Kevlar tanks are light and flexible, helping them fit in small areas within the car’s structure.

Off-Road Vehicle Tires

By bringing rigidity to some regions of the tire, such as the sidewalls, handling and cornering are improved. And as you probably guessed, it protects the tire from punctures.

So next time you’re on an off-road driving adventure, remember that Stephanie Kwolek made your tires tough.

5. Fire Safety

Osnf.com is a significant supplier to the fire and safety industry. They’ve been producing life-saving equipment for over three decades.

They make Kevlar webbing for fire-resistant harnesses, webbing parts on SCBA units, and elastics on face masks. More products include Kevlar webbing straps for thermal imaging cameras, suspenders, escape ropes, and lifelines.

Kevlar Is All Around You

Kevlar webbing is lightweight, flexible, fire-resistant, and five times more rigid than steel, a combination that has yet to be rivaled. As a result, it’s everywhere, making our gear stronger and keeping us safe. From athletic shoes to airplanes, Kevlar continues to weave its way into our everyday lives and will only improve. 

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