Aggression and its bad effects on men’s health

Too much aggression is not good for men’s health. in this article we are going to consider some of the ill effects of aggressive behavior on the long-term health of a man. 

Do not worry we are not here to find out about the problems only as we will also find out about the possible solutions that can help you to overcome and reduce your uncontrolled aggression.

You see when you are suffering from aggression it causes some long-term degradation of your health from which several complexities may crop in and this may force you to have pills such as Cenforce 200

The type of aggression that we are talking about is the problem of uncontrolled mood swings and begin showing a violent and physically abusing attitude. Doctors say that such a behavior may occur when the brain is uncontrolled where the thoughts and flow of emotions are beyond the control of a man. Obviously, in such an excited state, the levels of adrenaline hormone shoot up that shows up this sudden acts of aggression in an excited mental state. 

Here are some of the disorders over a long time that may crop up when you are suffering from uncontrolled aggression.  

A rise in blood pressure

When you are suffering from uncontrolled aggression your blood pressure levels rise drastically.  For a person who is having regular tendencies where the mental flow of thoughts is beyond their control, the slightest deviation or unexpected occurrences or dissatisfaction may lead to a sudden and violent act behavior. 

If such a tendency persists then over the longer term the person may be suffering from high blood pressure. Scientists say that under such a state your heartbeat rates rise drastically which is the result of more blood flowing up and being pumped through the blood vessels and arteries.

Having chances of coronary diseases and heart attacks

Someone who is suffering from uncontrolled aggressive behavior and that too daily or frequently within a day may have a severely high chance of having a heart attack or coronary disease. 

You see when you become violent the sudden spike in the levels of adrenaline hormone will signal the heart to suddenly increase its pace of work. It starts pumping blood more and thus the heartbeat levels can shoot up way beyond normal levels. 

On a longer tenure, you are forced to suffer from a heart attack. On other occasions, it may lead to the weakening of your heart muscles and this may lead you to suffer from other complexities such as poor blood flow in your body and having to take a pill dose of Fildena

Stress, anxiety, panic, and depression

A person who is having frequent acts of aggression or violent behavior is bound to suffer from stress, panic and anxiety attacks, or even depression. 

You see this is the case of sudden mood swing disorder where a sudden outburst of violent attitude may be followed up with a depressed and stressful or panicky behavior. To a normal person, this may pretty much look like the affected person is on the verge of turning lunatic. 

When you suffer from stress you induce further health complexities that may result in you having to take medicine such as Cenforce 100 mg.  

Doctors say that during your violent outburst behavior cortisol hormone for the hormone leads you to stress, panic, anxiety, and depression and rises drastically. When such occurrences are too frequent you may even suffer from stress disorder or severe depression. 

Doctors say that over some time it may also give rise to sudden suicidal tendencies for a person which is common for someone suffering from sudden mood change disorder. 

Chances of brain stroke 

A person who is suffering from uncontrolled acts of severe aggression and violent attitude may suffer a chance of brain stroke. Doctors say that for a person who is having such dramatic mood changes within such a short period the changes in your mind are too drastic.

There is an uncontrolled rise in the flow of thoughts and emotions in your brain cells and neurons. The sudden outburst of electrical and signal generation activity can lead to changes in a brain stroke.  

Neural pain 

Doctors say that a person who is having severe aggressive behavior may suffer from neural pain which is a pain in the nerves. During the rise of electrical activity, the brain cells will increase work rate to a severely high extent and this may be followed by a period of inactivity. It causes cramps and contractions of the brain cells and neurons disrupting the blood flow through your brain. This may soon give rise to neural pain cropping up as a disorder of its own. 

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