Benefits of a Togaf Certification

Being a qualified candidate for a top company is rapidly becoming more complex. When 87% of your colleagues likely hold a higher education degree, standing out is a challenge. 

You must somehow show that you possess unique skills and knowledge. That’s where a TOGAF certification shines.

TOGAF Certification in Sydney 

When 80% of the top global companies use TOGAF, it’s safe to say that the TOGAF certification proved its value since its origin in 1995. 

If you’ve been considering getting TOGAF certified, then keep reading to discover five rewards that you can reap. 

Is It Right for You?

The first thing you must consider is if TOGAF is suitable for your current or future position. The certification is for people who want or need to prove their skills in implementing large systems in huge companies. 

It means to acquire the skills to put out all the stops when creating architectures that enterprise companies implement day in and day out. 

So the bottom line is if you’re working or plan on working at a large company, then a TOGAF certification is undoubtedly the right move to make. 

An Investment in Your Career and the Door to New Opportunities

A TOGAF certification course is an excellent investment in advancing your career. As much as companies look at university degrees, a unique certification is certainly priceless. Especially one that makes a person ready for different roles gives the potential for a raise and a top-level position. 

Once you get certified, you’ll likely work with various industries. This includes banks and manufacturing companies, depending on the enterprise. Of course, this leads to gaining valuable experience that only helps boost your career. 

Rising Demand

There’s high demand for professionals with a TOGAF certification. This is due to the increasing number of people in other sectors, such as IT that realize and value the importance of enterprise architects. 

The rapid adoption of technology in all aspects of a company makes the need for robust enterprise architecture clear. It’s essential to achieve both short and long-term goals. 

It Won’t Break the Bank

When you search online on how to get TOGAF certified, you’ll likely run into confusion trying to find the legitimate ones. However, one of the benefits of this precious certification is that it’s a cost-friendly course and exam overall. 

Unlike other exorbitantly priced courses, this is priced well below the $1,000 mark, and there are no prerequisites to get started. 


While architects and people in IT are generally the ones to get the TOGAF, the certification isn’t limited to those fields. People working in management can also benefit from it. 

A section in the exam covers the basic concepts of management that you can utilize to help secure a promotion to a managerial position. 

Trust and Reliability

The fact that the top global companies use TOGAF means getting certified allows you a certain level of immediate trust and reputation from customers and colleagues. 

In essence, once certified, you prove that you have some of the best skills in the field and know how to use them. 

Getting Started

The days of having a bachelor’s degree to guarantee a high-paying position are long gone. The rapid advancements in technology push employers to search for candidates that possess proven unique skills – like the skills you acquire with a TOGAF certification. 

So if you’ve been on the fence, it’s to take that first step, because there’s always someone else waiting to jump on your opportunity. 

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