Reasons Businesses Should Migrate To SharePoint Online

Initially, businesses used to store documents in a folder system which wasn’t very efficient. But now, with evolving technology and the power of cloud computing has become so much easier to store all the business files and documents.

Users can easily forget to save files on the company drive. This leads to the employees searching for that file in the inboxes or taking it from another user, wasting all the time. It’s also common for content to get duplicated, which means that the users might be working on outdated versions. To avoid all these mistakes businesses can easily migrate from their SharePoint on-premises servers to the latest offering, SharePoint online through the SharePoint Migration services

Some of the benefits of SharePoint include:

  • automatic versioning: Every time a user edits or updates a document, a new draft will save automatically. After this, users can quickly find any version to restore if anything goes wrong.
  • built-in integration: Microsoft core applications like Excel and Word integrate seamlessly with SharePoint. This ecosystem helps in eliminating any friction between different kinds of software.
  • file check-in: If the users want to know who is working on a document currently, look no further than SharePoint. This way SharePoint helps users from overwriting each other’s work.
  • custom workflows: With SharePoint, the documents are automatically emailed to the right users at the right time. This helps speed up the process of documentation review.

 Benefits of SharePoint Online vs on-premises

1. Manage access more easily

Compared to on-premises, SharePoint Online makes it simpler to share content with outsiders. They only need a Microsoft account and business email address to share SharePoint documents with them.

Businesses can also create Guest Links for external users, for which they can set either Read or Edit permissions. Businesses can always delete the permission whenever they want.

2. Advanced online features

With SharePoint Online being Microsoft’s latest offering, new features reach it before the traditional SharePoint on-premises application. Some useful SharePoint Online exclusive features are:

  • Microsoft Graph: All the user activity and identity is collected in this database
  • Delve: It enables collaboration by letting users edit, create and share documents.
  • Power Automate: With these businesses can build time-saving workflows for all the small and big tasks.
  • Power Apps: with this user can share low-code applications to improve business processes

So, businesses who want to implement applications in their daily workflow can easily migrate all their Microsoft 365 Data to a newer office version using the sharepoint on premise to sharepoint online migration.

3. Improved Security:

Previously it may have seemed that on-premises systems are more secure than the cloud. But in reality, both deployment models are equally defenseless if the mistake is made by the IT professionals that handle it.

Being one of the top software providers, Microsoft heavily focuses and invests in cyber security. It has created a team of the world’s leading cyber security analysts and experts to secure its SharePoint Online Platform. When businesses migrate to SharePoint Online, they also receive the top-notch security that they cannot attain on the SharePoint on-premises server.

As you see, these are the reasons why businesses should migrate to SharePoint Online. Apps4Rent offers migration services that are used by many businesses to securely migrate their business data. They also offer other services such as Cloud Desktop Service with secured end-user support.

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