Get the Party Started: 5 Types of Bar Stools for Your Rockin’ Space

Bar stools have been around since the Eygptian and Roman times, driving casual conversations since the BC years!

Are you renovating a bar or building a new one? Confused about which types of bar stools are out there? Don’t get paralyzed by choice!

Read our guide to the best bar stools to make your decision with ease.

How to Choose Types of Bar Stools

When choosing your bar stools, there are a few elements you’ll want to consider. First off, how high is the bar? This is a pretty crucial one as you don’t want to end up buying stools that don’t bring your customers as high as the bar!

Bar stools are an innovative way to fit more people into your bar, so choosing the right size is integral to your space management! 

Bar stools for commercial spaces tend to come in heights between 28 and 40 inches. So before you get shopping, measure the height of your bar and start to look for stools that complement the height. 

Back or No Back?

The next thing to consider is if you want bar stools with backs. Whether you want backs for your barstools or not will depend on the ambiance you want to create in the bar. 

For a more casual setting, the no-back bar stools that spin could be perfect. People can move around easily and talk to others in any direction. 

If you are looking for a more formal vibe, a low back or full back bar stool could be a great option. 

The most comfortable bar stool types are the ones with a full back. It could be a solid back, wooden cross back, or laddered (with bars running across the back).

Want to go for a more luxury style? Think velvet or leather upholstered backs to provide an element of chic. 

Material and Style

When choosing the best bar stool types, you’ll need to consider the style you want to go for. 

Are you looking for something more basic and minimalist, made from metal or plastic? Or do you think something more luxurious made from wood or leather, or velvet or upholstered would suit your bar best? 

You could go for a very simple design or choose something that has a little more individuality. Do you want to buy something that blends in and people forget about, or do you want to wow your customers with your incredible eye for design?

If you are looking for something a little more on the individual side, check this out. These acrylic bar stools with intricate detailing on the legs are sure t add a stylish element to your space. 

You should also think about the color palette of your bar when choosing your bar stools. You want something that blends in and complements the design of the rest of the bar. 

Get Shopping 

Now you know about all the different types of bar stools, it’s time to choose. You can carefully consider the needs of your bar and the type of vibe you want to create. 

The bar stools are an important element of your spaces’ aesthetic and how people will socialize in your bar. So now you know how to choose bar stools, choose a style you are super happy with.

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