How to Have a Fun Time in Sydney

Whether you are a nature lover or a hardcore party animal, Sydney has something to offer for all. The city has a rich heritage and unmatched natural beauty. In addition, cultural amalgamation and culinary delicacies can overwhelm your senses.

From Home, the superclub of Darling Harbour, to high-class Sydney topless waitresses, the city also offers an active nightlife. With so many things to do and see, you will soon realise that being spoilt for choices is not always a good thing.

The reason is you can only do so much in a short time. Whether you are a local enjoying a day off around the city, or a tourist on a first-time visit, knowing where to start is the key to

Here are the top five things you can do for a fun day in Sydney.

Visit the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic constructions in Australia. Its architectural wonder can leave any viewer astonished as it combines modern and ancient influences. Did you know that the place has over eight million visitors annually?

Designed by the Danish architect Jorn Utzon in 1957, this stark-white, scalloped construction has become synonymous with the city of Sydney itself. So, if you happen to be in the city, don’t miss out on this work of art.

Take a Dip in the Bondi Icebergs Pool

Sure, you can find pools anywhere in the world, but what about the most famous pool in the world? The Bondi icebergs pool located by the Bondi beach is the most photographed pool in the world, and duly so.

The stunning pool by the sea has a breathtaking view, and it is not confined to a fancy hotel, like most pools. Open to the public for years, it is also considered a historical landmark of the city.

Take a Walk on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

If you are a fan of breathtaking views, you must not miss out on watching the sunset from the Sydney Harbour bridge. Climbing and walking on the bridge is a lifetime experience for many. This can be a low-cost yet highly memorable evening for couples, especially if your other half is a fan of the ‘Titanic‘. Remember the famous pose Jack and Rose did on the board of the ship?

Imagine doing the same thing as you stand on the bridge. It will definitely make you feel like you are ‘the king of the world,’ even if you are no Jack Dawson.

Do a Pub Crawl

Going on a pub crawl is an excellent idea if you want to end the night with a crazy adventure. Sydney has some of the best pubs to offer, with good music, lights, ambience, and more. Single men can even hire Sydney topless waitresses to ignite their imagination.

There are plenty of bars in the city that cater to these fantasies by providing skimpy barmaids. Don’t worry about the legalities, as prostitution has been legal in New South Wales since 1979. Also, pubs do not need any license if the barmaids wear lingerie. They have to get a special entertainment license for completely topless ones, though, but it is not difficult.



Other than the few things mentioned, there are also plenty of things to see and do in Sydney. The city is full of scenery, heritage, and fun. However, if you are short on time, you can cover the above-mentioned few things to make your trip more memorable.

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