How to Spend 60 Hours on Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is one of the best kept secrets of the South Pacific. With its sweeping landscape dotted with Norfolk pines, glorious beaches, and beautiful native wildlife, this island may be small, but there are so many wonderful things to make your holiday one you will never forget.

But what if you only have 60 hours on Norfolk Island? That’s essentially a weekend visit to this magical island. Even if you aren’t here for long, you can still maximise your time by following this guide on how to spend 60 hours on Norfolk Island.

The Best Places to Stay at Norfolk Island

There are many options for accommodation on Norfolk Island. Whether you want to stay in a private home or a bed and breakfast, you will find something to suit your budget and preferences.

The best places to stay on Norfolk Island are well located, have good facilities and offer great value for money.

There are plenty of hotels and motels on Norfolk Island, but you don’t need to stay in one. You can rent a self-contained apartment or house and enjoy all the comforts of home.

The Activities You Must Do on Norfolk Island

There is so much to do on Norfolk Island, whether you’re here for a few hours or a few weeks. You can take a tour of the island and enjoy the views, visit the wineries, or enjoy a round of golf.

The island has some of the best beaches in the South Pacific, so you can enjoy a relaxing walk on the beach, or go for a swim. If you are looking for a more active holiday, you can enjoy some of the best surfing in the world at Norfolk Island. You can also try your hand at windsurfing, kayaking, diving, and fishing.

The island has many beautiful parks and gardens, so you can enjoy a picnic or a barbecue on the grass.

Where to Eat on Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is known for its delicious fresh seafood. You can enjoy a range of seafood dishes at some of the island’s best restaurants.

The best restaurants on Norfolk Island are located in the main town of Kingston. The island also has a wide range of casual eateries and bars, where you can enjoy a bite to eat, a drink, and a bite to eat. There are also some fine dining restaurants, where you can enjoy a romantic meal for two. For more updates, visit:

How to Spend a Weekend on Norfolk Island

You can spend a weekend on Norfolk Island in a variety of ways. You can take a day trip to explore the island, or you can stay for a few days and enjoy the best of what Norfolk Island has to offer.

If you are here for a few days, you can enjoy a range of activities, from exploring the island to enjoying the beautiful beaches. You can also visit the wineries, or go for a walk in the national park.

Enjoy Your 60 Hours on Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, with some of the best beaches in the South Pacific. There are so many things to do on the island, and it’s the perfect destination for a romantic getaway, or a family holiday.

Even if you are only here for 60 hours, there is still bound to be plenty of memorable experiences for you and your travel group to enjoy. So start planning your next unforgettable weekend Norfolk Island tours today!


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