In which countries can I play online slot games? 

Online slot games are incredibly fun but they are also a source of controversy, they can easily lead players to addiction and can lose people lots of money. Due to this, many countries restrict the level of access people have to online slot games. Some countries even completely ban them. 

International rules 

Playing slot games internationally is not as easy as it is in Britain. There are often stricter rules that players must follow. The following are some international rules that other countries around the planet follow. 

  1. America is a country that is synonymous with gambling, thanks to Las Vegas. However, the country is actually stricter than most would assume when it comes to online slots and gambling. Unlike the UK, there is actually a 21 years age limit that players need to abide by. Different states throughout the country will have different rules as well, players need to make sure to follow them or they could be breaking the law.
  2. New Zealand is not a country that many people associate with strict rules but the nation actually has some strong regulations when it comes to online slots. These games cannot be played if they are from a provider which originates from the country! Players need to make sure that the online slot site they are using is an international site in order to abide by the rules. 

British rules 

The British rules for slot gaming are unique when compared to other countries. This is because from the player’s point of view they are games that have very little in the way of regulations and rules. While the rules such as being over 18 and needing to be responsible exist, there is very little else that players must abide by. However, providers need to follow a myriad of regulations and rules which are set out by the gambling commission. If they do not follow these rules, casino providers run the risk of having their license revoked! Slot games in particular are the source of much regulation in Britain, with advertisements severely limited as there is fear that they appeal to children. There is also an emphasis on players needing to gamble responsibly and be aware when they are putting their finances at risk. 

Where can’t you play slot games? 

Although there are many countries where you can enjoy online slots, there are also some countries that have stricter laws regarding online slot mingling. The following places have banned slot gaming 

  •       United Arab Emirates – It should come as no surprise to players that the UAE have blocked online gambling considering they have also restricted other things such as alcohol.
  •       Poland – This may surprise some players but the truth is that Poland has in fact banned online gambling throughout the country!

Final Thoughts 

Online slot gaming is not banned in places such as Great Britain, it actually has little regulation placed on it there. However, in other nations, there are many restrictions. Even places like America, which we associate with online slots, have some restrictions placed on them. There are even some nations that outright ban them including Poland.

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