Now watch and Bet on cockfighting on the move: Mobile App

The craze of cockfighting is increasing day by day, It is just skyrocketing towards success since online websites have brought the game to the world.

For more than 95% of the world’s population, the concept of cockfighting is quite new and amusing, which is attracting their attention.’s Backstory

The Core of this game resides in the Philippines, where cockfighting is a traditional game that could be in play even before the Roman era. the locals call it “Sabong,” which means to put money on cockfighting. In the Philippines, more than 50,000 unofficial cockpits are being operated daily and another 2500 official cockpits are also there which get streamed live on websites like

A few controversies that happened in the Philippines gave more limelight to this game, and when other countries’ media broadcast about this topic, the websites ran paid ads to create more foreign audiences.’s Current Situation

Well, the game is banned in many countries, which means they can’t organize such types of fights, but they can watch and bet on the same through online mode.

Betting has been happening in the whole world for a very long time and in various forms, be it placing bets on horses, bulls, teams, or governments. But this time the world is experiencing new visuals.

After the inception of the websites that promote cockfighting, people are engaging in numbers on these platforms, e.g.- which was founded in 2017 has a half a million user base in just 5 years without being promoted heavily.

As more and more people are moving towards these sites, the sites are also competing with each other, which is ultimately improving the user experience. As a result,, the most trusted site, has launched its app to make it more convenient for its users to watch and bet on its platform.’s Mobile App

The mobile app was launched in 2020 with the goal of making it easy for users to watch and bet on their favorite roosters. Users can now just log in with their credentials and utilize the handy experience of their phones. 

Any mobile application impacts the user most through its user interface. If the initial page of the app is operable for the not-so-techy customer, then the company has achieved its goal.

The user interface of is very similar to Netflix, which attracts the customer and binds them to use it more often. The content is already unique and intriguing. On top of that, the interface is user-friendly. 

Mobile app users are just loving the app, as the overall rating of the app is 4.1+ and the reviews are a treat to read.

Advantages of’s Mobile App

  1. The handy interface is just like Netflix.
  2. Regular updates to remove the bugs and by adding new features 
  3. Pay through UPI using the app.
  4. The video quality is much better.
  5. You have the feature of analyzing the previous bets so that you can judge where you lagged and where you excelled.


Online betting has become easier and more fun with the launch of’s mobile application. The advantages of the app have made it quite popular in such a short time.

You can do the same things that were on the website, but with new features and better video and audio quality. So, you must check out

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