Is CBD Oil Addictive?


The list of the benefits we get from CBD is just endless. Some research shows that CBD can be considered a treatment for Inflammation, minimizing social anxiety issues. We all are already observing the process of Cannabinoid (CBD) legalization in all the world’s major countries. Be it United States, Europe, Canada, Brazil, all the countries are allowing medicinal usage of CBD. Still, despite its acceptance and popularity worldwide, the topic of CBD addiction is always around. And the main reason for it is the confusion between CBD and THC, i.e., its intoxicating counterpart. But most people don’t know that the CBD only interacts with the endocannabinoid system, and it lacks the psychoactive effects of THC. But is it addictive? Let’s find out. 

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Several research types have taken place to date, proving that neither is CBD an addictive substance nor does it provide any ‘high.’ It doesn’t even affect any psychological functions, and not even any heart rate changes body temperature or anything, but like we all know that THC is an addictive substance, and a lot of CBD substances contain a certain amount of THC as well, so to find out whether the CBD oil is addictive, we first have to find what is the source of the CBD that is infused in it. 

Classification of CBD sources

We get CBD from two types of plants. One is marijuana, and the other one is hemp. 

  • The CBD we get from hemp houses tiny to no THC, specifically, less than 0.3%. So it is pretty clear that hemp-sourced CBD products don’t have a chance for developing addiction in an individual. 
  • If we talk about the CBD that comes from the plants grown for their intoxicating properties only, i.e., marijuana-derived CBD, they do exceed the 0.3% THC level limit. So if oil is made up of such a kind of CBD, then there are chances that the oil infuses some addictive features in the individual. 

Side-effects v/s addiction

Now that we know that CBD doesn’t have any THC-related traits, it does have some exceptions that are usually misread as addiction traits. Let’s talk about a person taking a large amount of CBD or related products daily. He/she might experience some side effects like Inflammation and anxiety if they suddenly quit the substance. This kind of behavior is pretty typical for any type of medicine that we consume. 

Combination of the two

An entourage effect occurs if we combine CBD with THC and consume it. It does possess some therapeutic benefits and also counters the adverse effects produced by THC in the body. Several reports suggest that combining THC with CBD is found out to be more effective in treating the pain than any other combination.

Effects of CBD

While according to the CBD Oil UK review, CBD does not create any ‘high’ effects, but it is widely used to treat a range of medical problems like:

  • Epileptic seizures: According to several reports, it is proven that CBD does reduce the frequency of seizures by up to 25%. Severe forms of epilepsy like Dravet or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome get easily treated with the help of CBD. 
  • Helps in reducing Anxiety: CBD oil helps in reducing anxiety in an individual.
  • Helps in Pain Relief: Several studies have found out that CBD also reduces any type of neurological or neuropathic pain.        

We have got our answers that CBD is a safe substance to consume and doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. One can also know more about CBD and its related products from Love CBD. They offer a variety of CBD-infused safe products and some honest CBD oil UK reviews.

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