MacBook Repair Services in Singapore

With the latest adoption of Mac use, it is hard to find top qualified experts to fix your MacBook. However, LYK Repair got your back. Hiring us is the preeminent way to simplify the entire repair process.

LYK Repair Company

We offer excellent and transparent MacBook repair services to all our clients from all walks of life. From battery replacement and cracked screen repairs to water damage repairs and motherboard replacements, our talented technicians can repair your device at your office or home at a convenient time At LYK Repairs, we specialize in MacBook and other mobile device servicing and repairs. additionally, we have adequate skills in:

  • Replacing home/power buttons
  • Performing SIM/network/country unlock
  • Replacing damaged charging ports
  • Reflashing drives in case of OS/software corruption
  • Placing burnt out microprocessors

Why Repair with LYK Repair?

LYK Repairs values your needs. But wait, there are more reasons:

Professional services

We serve you the best services from the first step of consultation to social customer care and repair. We have a group of brilliant technicians with adequate skills and years of experience. Additionally, we focus on customer satisfaction.

Top Quality Spare Parts

Quality repair services depend on genuine products. At LYK Repair, we only use top-quality spare parts.

Affordable Costs

The prices quoted are net, with no extra charges. Repair prices at our Service Center are even lower! Our repair charges are friendly and affordable.

Convenient and Fast Services

Our specialists complete your device repairs at the best time; no matter your location, we’ll travel to you.


At LYK Repair, we provide a 3-month warranty for our spare parts.


Q – Does LYK Repair offer door-to-door service work?

A – Sure, we offer doorstep service work. We send our specialists to your location with the necessary spare parts and tools to repair your device within the shortest time possible. Alternatively, if you’re in the surrounding areas, you can visit our service center for cheaper repairs.

Q – How long do the repairs take?

A – For both repairs in our service center and doorstep services, we take about 15 – 30 minutes. However, it depends on the severity of your case.

Q – Which is your mode of payment?

A – We accept NETS or DBS Paylay!, iBanking, or cash soon after we are through with the repairs and returning your device.


MacBook Repairs can be easier when hiring a reliable and fast service provider. With LYK Repair, we assure you that your devices are in safe hands. We always put your needs first and value transparency and honesty in our services.

Our team of talented technicians ensures that your device is fixed within the shortest time possible, no matter your location. Additionally, our specialists bring your repair service experience to a whole new level.

We are always thankful for all our client’s continued support and the confidence you’ve placed in us. Consult us by calling or emailing us today. We assure you to attend to us within the shortest time possible.

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