Mobile app – why should you have it?

Responsive websites are a must if you want users to navigate through your website without any problems. Pages adapted to mobile devices allow you to conveniently use many functions, but even RWD does not guarantee full comfort when performing certain activities on the site. So, how to provide the user with full comfort while using the website, and at the same time be one step ahead of the competition? The answer is simple – a mobile application.

More popular with smartphone users

Every day we use dozens if not hundreds of applications – social media, photo manipulation apps, online banking, and many more. Among them there are also shopping applications that allow us to easily view a store’s offer or place an order. Current research shows that smartphone users spend about 86% of their time using applications rather than web browsers. That’s why it’s something you should think of if you want to reach a broader audience. Companies like can help in choosing the right technologies and building a solution that’ll suit your market.

Competitive advantage

Nowadays, many businesses tend to use external applications that usually generate lower costs rather than creating a custom-made software. But is it really such a great deal? External solutions gather as many companies from a given industry as possible, because each of them brings them profit. It means that you are one of a dozen, and sometimes even several dozen companies offering similar services or products. In such a situation, it is difficult to stand out from the competition. However, when you have your own application, you have unlimited scope for marketing activities and more. And most importantly, you are not one of many businesses dependent on an external service provider.

Great performance

The first few minutes decide whether the app will stay on the phone or land in the trash. A custom, professionally made mobile application adjusted to your company’s needs can be fast and flawless as a website, stable and efficient, intuitive and user-friendly, built according to the UX principles, and highly functional. If you prepare a seamless solution that will help your users rather than discourage them, it’s a big step for your mobile success.

Clients’ loyalty

Having your own application allows you to run your own loyalty programs, personalize discounts and gives you many interesting features to build your clients’ loyalty. Customers are open to what you have to offer, and attractive loyalty programs additionally encourage them to use your services or buy your products.


Having an up-to-date, useful mobile application raises the prestige of the entire company and supports its positive and professional image in the eyes of customers. Your business gains credibility and strengthens its position on the market as a professional and modern enterprise.

Saving time and money

Although the one-off application costs are relatively high, they pay off very quickly. Thanks to your own custom-made software, you can save your employees’ time, as well as reduce expenses, regarding for example your marketing activities.

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