Room Décor Apps That Are Super Helpful and Entertaining

Trying out different interior design techniques by hand is enjoyable and gives you many ideas for how to use your space, but most of the time your time and effort are lost and you end up with an out-of-control mess.

Well, unless you’re a professional interior designer, things don’t just fit together. Other drawbacks of this circumstance include the fact that we often invest in the incorrect furniture, room décor, and color scheme, which not only wastes our time but also costs us a lot of money. 

The thought of room décor frequently conjures up images of high costs, but this need not be the case because, with the appropriate approach, you may decorate your room for very little money. However, with everything at our fingertips these days, there are user-friendly apps that may be utilized to save time, energy, and money.

This article talks about user-friendly apps that may help you design your floor plans and virtually furnish the complete room. All you need to download and use these apps is a good internet connection, which you can get easily from

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Foyr Neo 

You can professionally create a new room using the Foyr Neo room design app. Since the app offers a database of up to 50,000 models and allows you to create and upload your floor plan as well as equip and decorate your space, designing rooms using it won’t require any CAD or CAM skills. 

You can see a 3D image in HD quality that is close to reality to get a sense of how your room will appear. The app is great because not only do you get to decorate and furnish a room, you get to have a super entertaining app. 


The first thing you will need if you are just beginning to arrange the layout of your house or room is a floor plan. While the other room design apps are excellent for incorporating your floor layout, RoomStyler is an interior design platform with one of the most straightforward user interfaces. 

You can choose from already created, pre-set rooms or draw your own space as soon as the website loads, so you can get started. You can add windows, doors, and other features to the area you need to style, once you’ve drawn the dimensions of the space.

The best part about this room décor app is that you can come up with a layout similar to your room, and then decorate it accordingly. This way you can see accurately how your room would look if decorated a certain way. 


MagicPlan is one of the best free room décor apps that is supported by both iOS as well as Android. You can use the app to build a floor plan using your images. This app is our favorite because it is free and is super convenient and fun to use if room décor is your hobby. 

Because you can generate a floor plan using the software without having to measure or draw, it is user-friendly. The tool is useful if you need to quickly and efficiently plan layouts even though it is not as extensive as the other apps.


Amikasa is a well-known app with a beautiful user experience. In this app, you first select the room’s shape before adding precise measurements. Once you have finished adding the dimensions, you may decorate your space using real-world brands’ furniture and accessories to see how it turns out. 

By doing so, you can get the same furniture because the app enables you to arrange your rooms as precisely as possible. Additionally, the app contains features like a walk-through mode that lets you take a virtual reality tour of your room.

In addition to its other capabilities, the app lets you post pictures of your room’s layout on social media to solicit feedback from your friends. If you are looking for an app that is super entertaining and accurate, this one is the way to go. 

Décor Matters

The fact that this app contains levels like games does make it more intriguing because it does more than just let you decorate your space. With levels, virtual currencies, leaderboards, and exclusive badge awards for taking part in the design challenge, the room planning function like a game. So, as a room décor app that is fun as well as helpful, this app is a complete package in itself. 

There are also some good e-design options, in case you do not want to use the game mode. The software enables you to modify your room using augmented reality in addition to creating your room. 

Additionally, you can look around and see how other individuals have styled their rooms. By looking at other people’s rooms, you can not only create your place but also find a lot of other design ideas. In addition, this platform lets you use actual furniture that you may order online if it looks good to you in the augmented reality version.

Room Planner 

Well, as we discussed, in the apps listed above, you can check out furniture in real-time through the virtual reality experience, Room Planner is an app especially curated for that. This app is one of IKEA’s most recent technological innovations, and it has aided customers in selecting the appropriate furnishings for their homes. 

You can check out IKEA furniture in Room Planner to see how it will appear in your space before you buy. You may use the app to design the proportions of your own space, and in addition, you can upload the wall photographs you’ve taken with your phone. 

This will make your space appear as realistic as possible, and you will be able to observe what works well for your room’s floor, color scheme, and walls. The free standard edition allows you to experiment with common layouts and themes, while the paid premium version provides an experience that is close to reality. Isn’t that super fun and convenient at the same time?

Final Thoughts 

The days of paying an overpriced interior designer to help you design your house and rooms are long gone. You no longer need an expensive designer with the help of practical and user-friendly home and room décor apps because they enable you to design and see your spaces electronically. 

Additionally, the virtual furniture you use is mostly genuine furniture that is simple to acquire online. Well, who would have thought it would be that fun and easy to create a room?


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