The Brief and Only Car Tire Sizing Guide You’ll Ever Need

Do you want to get the best-fitting tires for your car or truck? In 2019, people spent over $460 billion on vehicles! When it comes to car ownership, the proper tires can make your ride a smooth one.

The automotive industry is chock full of all kinds of tires for every vehicle on the market. Keep reading this brief guide to learn everything you need to know about car tire sizing.

Car Tire Sizing

To make sure you get the best car tires, you’ll need to check out your car owner’s manual. It’ll have tons of information about your vehicle, including a car ownership checklist.

You can also find car tire sizing information there. For some cars and trucks, there may be different sizes that your vehicle will accommodate.

The information on your tire wall will show you the width and diameter of your tire. You can also find out the type of car the tire got designed to fit. The letter “P” shows the tire fits a passenger vehicle.

Tires will also have one other letter showing the material used to make them. Most passenger tires get made with Radial construction. You will see an “R” on the wall.

The number for the load index lets you know the weight your tires can hold. The final letter is the speed rating. Most people don’t pay this much attention when checking for new tires.

The automotive industry uses the first two letters and three-number combinations when sizing. When calling a dealership, car tire sizing refers to those to see if they have the tires you need wheels gold coast.

If they tell you they have tires that will fit your car but are different from the owner’s manual, ask about mileage. Bigger tires can get less mileage per gallon.

Car Tire Upgrade

If you want a different look, a car tire upgrade can enhance your auto’s appeal. At, you can get custom wheels and rims.

When you decide to get a car tire upgrade, make sure you refer to your owner’s manual again. You don’t want to get too far outside the range your car allows. If you do, it could affect how your vehicle handles and cause braking problems.

Going outside the allowable window of measurement could cause unsafe driving. It can also cause the tires to wear out fast, so proper car tire sizing is crucial.

When you get a car tire upgrade, make sure it won’t affect your vehicle warranty. Some automobile manufacturers claim changing the tire size will affect other car parts. That is another reason to stay within the allowable size window.

The Best Car Tires

Proper car tire sizing means getting quality tires made for your vehicle type. You can get a car tire upgrade by purchasing tires that have an extensive mileage warranty on them. Car ownership involves keeping your car tires maintained.

The best car tires will get checked for proper tire pressure. You can also extend their life by getting them rotated and balanced as needed.

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