The Importance of Home Theater Seating

One of the greatest American past times is going to a movie theater for the afternoon or evening with family or friends to watch one of the new releases.  You might even have been to one on your first date ever – I know I did! 

I remember nervously approaching the large glass doors and waiting for that familiar face.  He waved to me and I walked up to him, light-stepped and giddy, ready to have a great night.  We got our large popcorn to share and two drinks, and we triumphantly went to sit down.

Funny enough, one of the details I remember most of that night was how uncomfortable the chairs were.  They had red cushions and some black plastic supporting them, but the amount of shifting done during the film to get comfy…well, it left something to be desired.

That’s a story that is pretty common in cinemas today.  Only the most luxurious ones have plush seating with cupholders and chairs that you can adjust.  Maybe that is part of why more and more people have started to make home theaters.  I know I’ve made one now!

Why a Home Theater?

Maybe you’re wondering why you should bother making one.  After all, a lot of us grew up thinking that they were only attainable for the richest of the rich.  They were for those snooty kids down the street who have the fanciest and newest of everything.  However, I’m here to dispel that illusion!

If you look in the right places and do a little bit of DIYing, anyone can create a home theater experience if they want one.  For example, if you look for clearance home theater seating online, there are plenty of options to get you started on this journey.

Having one at home is a lot more convenient at the end of the day.  You can get up and do other things at any time, and just pause the movie.  Life gets in the way a lot, after all – so having the ability to take a moment and not have to miss out is great.

There’s also the whole no cellphone rule.  While you might enforce one during movies in your own home, the great thing here is that ultimately it will be your choice.  Also, there will be way less outside interference.  No more annoying people who are coughing throughout the whole movie or people talking, either!

How to Make One

There are a couple of key components when creating your home cinema.  The first of course will be your television.  You will probably want a larger one for this purpose.  After all, if you are trying to replicate the experience of a paid theater, the screens there are huge.  

Like with most parts of a home, this will come down largely to personal preference.  Whatever size you prefer will be what is best for you.  You will also want to decide whether you will mount it traditionally on an entertainment center, or if you prefer to do so with a wall mounting system.  For more information on these options you can look here:

Next, you will probably want to think about the furniture for the room.  Obviously, as I mentioned above, you should look for seating.  You could pick any color, but black or brown tend to look best in this style of room because they will not take attention away from the screen.  Some seats come in groups of three and even have cupholders.

The lighting in the room should also reflect that of a paid cinema.  You could go for some in the floor if you wanted to get really wild, but a few lamps that you can turn off would probably suffice.  Honestly, it is all personal here.  Decide what you’re looking for in your home.

Ways to make snacks like a cotton candy machine or a popcorn maker might be a fun addition, especially if you have a family.  Giving your kids the opportunity to make their own food like that is an enriching experience and might even help them expel some energy before you sit down to watch the film!  For more updates, visit:

Finally, you will want to figure out what kind of sound system you want.  There are some additional resources on this topic out there, like this article, but there are a few basic principles as well.  In this style of room, many people opt for a surround sound system.

This style of audio will enrich the movie experience, especially if you have the rest of the parts of the room settled.  Think about it – sitting in your luxurious chair as you eat some popcorn, have a sip of your ice-cold drink, and get to fully immerse yourself in the film with the sound.  Those are some of the perks awaiting you if you make a home theater!

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