Wagering Online in New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country located in the Southwestern Pacific. They are known for their lustrous and green mountains, fjords, vast plains, and other picturesque sceneries. The land is also the home of the flightless bird named “kiwi” thus people in New Zealand can also be called kiwis as a name of endearment.

The people in New Zealand are by nature fun-loving and love any form of entertainment including gambling which is why online betting is very much favorable to them. Estimated around 520,000 adults in 2018 are into online gambling and the majority wager in blackjack, video poker online poker, roulette, and lotteries.


Gambling in New Zealand

Statistics show that the gambling expenditure reached around 2.4 billion New Zealand dollars from 2011 to 2018. Even during the lockdown period, playing online pokies was the favorite pastime of the majority.


It is a known fact that the people love this form of entertainment but their government prohibits the gambling industry to thrive in the country which is the reason why there are only seven land-based casinos in the country. However, sports bet is popular in the land that’s why people can bet anywhere thus the government even provides betting shops for the people’s comfort.


Online Gambling in New Zealand

As mentioned, they love entertainment which is why virtual gambling is all the rage. The people enjoyed the convenience because one can wager at their comfort in any given time and anywhere with their favorite casino site click here. The following are other reasons for its popularity:


·       Gadget Flexibility

Players can use any of their gadgets from personal computers, laptops, iPhones, and smartphones. Users prefer using smartphones because it is more accessible.

  •       Variety of games

Online casinos offer more than 3000 games with an option to play via Live dealer or virtual if they wanted to play low-key games at the moment.

·       Perks

This is one of the reasons why many online punters love virtual casinos because of the benefits that they get plus innumerable bonuses that casino sites offer. Coupons and promos are also one of their perks which is a sure way for the majority of the casino players to win.


·       Flexible Payment Method

The banking method is more flexible in an online casino because they offer not just the traditional banking scheme like debit/credit card but they also accept digital wallets, Bank transfers such as Euteller, and Cryptocurrency.


Gambling timeline of the land

Poker even has been quite famous and well-loved by the people which is why it is legal. Gambling had existed in New Zealand since the 1800s and was being played in steamboats. It is believed that is brought by the Chinese settlers and the Americans as well when they came to New Zealand to find gold a hundred years ago which is why the locals are good at playing Texas Hold ‘em.

Currently, various gambling games are observed in New Zealand such as slot machines or pokies, horse races, lotteries, and various gambling games.


Laws of Gambling

The Department of Internal Affairs which controls the Gambling Act 2003 emphasizes that sports betting and online lotteries are allowed in the country and the rest are considered illegal, which includes online gambling. Recently the government seemed to be a bit lenient about it provided that they have proper licenses and must follow rules imposed by the authorities.


The New Zealand Lotteries Commission controls the state lottery and the online state lottery along with the Totalizator Agency Board (TAP). TAP is responsible for providing lottery games and its products.


Interesting Facts about gambling in New Zealand

  •       The people are allowed to wager offshore online casinos without restraint which is why many foreign online casinos accept players from New Zealand.


  •       Foreign online casinos are not allowed to advertise in any form in New Zealand.


  •       All winnings are tax-free in some games so players can enjoy their winnings 100%.


  •       More than half of the profit generated in any gambling will be given back to the community which will be used in arts, Science, and education.



New Zealand can be carefree in terms of gambling in any form. However, they are also strict to control the people to be indulged too much in gambling. They encourage moderation as much as possible.

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