What is the Megaquads game format of slots? 

While there are many unique slot game formats available to play, one that has been catching the eyes of players has been the Megaquads format. While it shares similarities with Megaways, this format offers a completely unique experience – try free slots no deposit now.

Megaquads format 

The Megaquads game format is a unique gameplay mechanic that is not unlike the previously popular Megaways game format. This makes sense as both were created by the same developers, Big Time Gaming. It is clear that the developer feels that this gameplay feature can make the same impact in the industry as Megaways has done. The Megaquads format works very simply, essentially players will use a slot with four different reel formats. Although this may sound complicated, it is not. The Megaquad format manages to increase the players chances of winning as a result, something that the Megaways format also managed to do. However, whilst the Megaways format offered over 200 different ways to win, the Megaquads format has over 2,000 ways to win! 

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Although the Megaquads game format is still relatively new, it is proving to be very popular with players. While it remains to be seen whether it can match the staggering heights that the Megaways game format reached, there are still many benefits that players can receive from using this game format. 

  •       More ways to win – Perhaps the most obvious benefit that comes from the Megaquads game format, there is an insane amount of ways to win. While the Megaways game format was memorable for its ways to win, the Megaquads game format manages to blow these out of the water with over 2,000 different ways for players to win!
  •       Unique format – While most slot games follow the same design and format, the Megaquads game format manages to deviate from them. With four sets of reels, players have a lot of things to pay attention to in this game variation. While this may sound complicated, it is actually beneficial for players as it ensures that their attention is on the game and helps them make correct decisions.

Other game formats 

The Megaquads game format is not the only unique slot game format that players will encounter. This is actually a host of slot variations out there. The following are some of the best alternate slot game formats out there. 

  1. Megaways – This was an insanely popular game format that came from developer Big Time Gaming. It essentially increased the reel size of a slot and offered players a bigger chance to win, by increasing the amount of available paylines. These slots usually have over 2,000 possible winning combinations.
  2. Jackpots – Another slot format is the jackpot slot, this is essentially when the whole game is focused around triggering a jackpot. The jackpot can either be progressive or fixed, somethings these jackpots will be worth millions of pounds!


Megaquads is an exciting game format which increases the players chances of winning a nice payout, it may be similar to the Megaways game format but there is enough to differentiate the two.

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