Does the scatters have a dual function in slots? 

Scatters are one of the most well-liked symbols in slot games like Stacked Fire 7s. However, most newer players have no idea what these symbols are or what they do. There is also confusion surrounding whether they have a dual function in slot gaming. 

What is the scatters function? 

Scatter symbols are incredibly popular slot symbols. In an average slot game, the player will be looking for a win from left to right but the scatter symbol manages to flip this perception on its head. Essentially a scatter symbol is a symbol that just needs to appear on the reel in order for players to get amazing bonuses such as free spins and mini-games. Unlike other symbols that need to appear in specific orders, a scatter symbol just needs to appear on the reels to reward players, this makes it a highly sought-after feature. To find out what benefits the scatter symbol of a specific game is offering, it is best for players to consult the paytable of a slot game, it will always inform them of what these symbols contain. 


The scatters symbol may be increasingly rare in slot gaming but it is one of the most sought-after symbols for players, this is because of the amazing benefits that the feature possesses. The following are just some of the benefits that a scatter symbol can offer players.

  •     Bigger wins – One of the clear advantages that a scatter symbol offers players are the chance to win bigger, this is because the player will be awarded special bonuses such as free spins when the symbol appears on the reels. A scatter symbol may appear at complete random but that does not mean that it cannot be very useful to players.
  •     Variety – One of the best things about the scatter symbol is the sheer variety involved with it. Not only will players not know which bonuses they will be receiving but there are also many variants of the scatter symbol that fulfill unique functions. For example, there is the expanding scatter, the bonus scatters and the nonbonus scatter.

Dual function? 

While most scatter spend their time fulfilling one function, on rare occasions there will scatter that fulfill a dual role. Although this may sound complicated, be sure to check the paytable of the slot you are using to find out more.

  •     A typical dual role for a scatter symbol in a game would be to also represent the wild. This dual role type of scattering can be found in the Monopoly on the Money game where Go sign functions as both a scatter and wild for players.
  •     Usually, symbols will be marked as a scatter. However, players should always refer to a paytable to make sure. If the paytable is not providing any useful information, players can always look at the demo slot for free.

Final Thoughts 

Scatters can fulfill a dual function in slot gaming, however, players should always check the paytable as scatters do not do this in every game.


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