Which Religion Book Is Scientifically Proven: Let’s Know

Which Religion Book Is Scientifically Proven

Well, this question is the hardest to answer. But looking from the rational mind, things can open clear to us all. See some of the most famous religions in the world are Christianity, Islam, Sanatana Dharma, Sikhism, Buddhism and Judaism. Other than Sanatana Dharma, every religion has set of books that they feel have are great and they are if we follow them for living the best of the lives. But the brain of human is not as capable as some of the higher beings of the world, and hence, we have to pick one  Religion that has all the answers. And it would make one understand Which Religion Book Is Scientifically Proven?


Which Religion Book Is Scientifically Proven? Rational view.


Which Religion Book Is Scientifically Proven has the answer. But we would like to tell each of the books have references that meet the requirements of current tools that science uses. But looking at the overall view, Sanatana Dharma/Hindu religion, is the best one.

We will explain how. Until 700 to 800 years back, the world used to believe that the earth is flat and is the centre of the universe. But in Sanatana Dharma, they had had geography’s mean as Bhugol. It means the earth which is around. And taxed back 5,000 years and beyond these things are the part of Hindu religion.


Look at a sage like Tulsidas, who did tell the light year difference between the Earth and the Sun in Hanuman Chalisa. And now when the science calculates it, this is matching the same. 1.5781e-5 Light years is the value and Tulsidas did tell the same figure.


While other world did rely on gym and protein shake, in India yoga and meditation have been seen as the best tools to make the body work well. And it is proven by science that yoga and meditation are best for the body. And it is a part of Sanatana Dharma. Many legends like Albert Einstein and all did credit Bhagwat Gita; the song of the God, as the inspiration that did change his life. J. Robert Oppenheimer is another one who did get inspiration from Bhagwat Gita.

The concept of multiverse and Milky Way is already in Sanatana Dharma. And look at astrology and how it helps a person to predict up and coming moves.

Look at how Sanatana Dharma talks about Karma and energies that Science do back. They tell the world how to eat and when to eat and different ways to reach the God. No other religion tells that God is both formless and with form. And this theory seems be best to reality because if the God is the supreme power and he has infinite powers then taking anything from infinite, it means there is still infinite. And it is written in many mantras of this religion. Like God is in every particle and everything he touches become clean and great.


Which Religion Book Is Scientifically Proven?: What to learn?


See Which Religion Book Is Scientifically Proven, It is Sanatana Dharma if we look at the whole argument. So God is one and what is the God for an Hindu is the God for any other religion. It is like there are many ways to love the one. If it is supreme, it can have countless names. And this seems to be real life also very basic. And it is all about learning and feel how we can be better as humans and hence, learning from the religion that you do not see your way of living indeed makes one better. Like Zero has come from the scholars of Sanatana Dharma and it is the value that has changed the world for the good. Like nothing can move if there is no zero. So this is indeed the biggest example one can have.



Which Religion Book Is Scientifically Proven is a question that many would not agree as everybody does see that their religion is the best. But every religion is good as people know they all lead to God if we love the supreme being more than anything. There can be different ways to reach the God and it is true because God is the one that has supreme power.

This is what one needs to think for making sure that life can be best if there is a way to follow. And to learn all things in deep, it takes a fresh mind that can accept that other things can be right if they have a point. But it is also a known thing that all the religions lead to greatness and it helps in making life good if one knows how to plan things well and make the religion as a tool that can make us better. We are ending with, like why other than Sanatana Dharma, no other religion say that animal killing is wrong.

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