3 Simple Steps to Take After Getting Locked Out of Your Car

Do you get that sinking feeling of embarrassment when you get locked out of your car? Don’t worry. Getting yourself locked out doesn’t even make the top ten embarrassing moments.

The more important thing is to know what to do when accidents like this happen. So keep reading for three easy steps to take before making a frustrating situation worse.

  1. Be Methodical

As in any unwanted situation, the first thing to do is take a deep breath. Then, once you are calm, walk around the car and try each door and window.

When you get to the vehicle’s rear, try the trunk latch. Many vehicles will keep the latch unlocked while the key is near. If those methods fail, the following steps depend on your type of car.

Try using a tool if you get locked out of a car with lock posts on the inside panel. A coat hanger is one solution, but this might work better if you have a shoelace.

Make a loop with a five-inch tail, and feed the looped end between the window and the door. Then, try to lasso the loop around the doorpost and pull it back.

For a car without lock posts, it’s recommended not to try to break in. Many new vehicles have alarm systems to prevent such incidents. And you don’t want to risk doing further damage to the electronics locksmith Newstead.

  1. Get On The Phone

If you are staring at a key fob inside a car without lock posts, it’s time to make some calls. First, check with a family member or friend that can access a spare key.

You might think calling 911 is your next step, but please don’t. Police may help you if they are around or when you call non-emergency numbers. But the 911 system was not designed for this type of problem.

Instead, call AAA or a roadside service organization for the make and model of your car. Most manufacturers provide the service with newer cars. And AAA may help you by joining their service while you are on the phone.

Check with your insurance company as well. Some providers offer roadside assistance as an added feature to your policy. For example, some roadside programs have the technology to open your car remotely.

  1. Professional Help

Of course, you want to exhaust all the other possibilities first. But you will know when to call a locksmith if all else fails. Calling a locksmith doesn’t always mean you will need a new lock.

Professional locksmith companies like Advanced Locksmith Inc. open vehicles for people without damaging or replacing locks. So use your phone for the nearest to your location.

And you might ask should I call a locksmith if I don’t live in the area? Again, the short answer is yes if you need help to get back into your car.

Don’t Stay Locked Out

There is always a solution to a problem if you take things one step at a time. For example, getting locked out happens to millions of people each year. And help is never far away when you think clearly.

But prevention is always a better course. So take spare keys along or plan for minor emergencies with a prepaid plan. As long as you don’t stay locked out, that’s what counts.

Hopefully, this article opened your mind to the possibilities. If so, please come back to this site for more great tips.

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