The best Backconnect and Residential Proxies for Web Scraping

There are many types of rotating residential proxies that are used for web scraping. You can go for residential proxies, and you can also consider data center proxies. Residential proxies will allow you to connect with a real internet service provider. You will have to contact a specific service provider to provide you with the proxy server.

However, data center proxy can be used anywhere without only one server or a specific internet provider. But you must know that residential proxies are best for getting beneficial results. It is because they are trustable, and they can hide your IP address in the best possible way without getting detected. It even does not face bans because it is difficult to detect a residential proxy.

  • It also provides a link to millions of proxies throughout the globe, and hence you can reach the international locations without facing any problem.
  • Datacenter proxies only work in such locations where their servers are present.
  • You can get a lot of benefits by using rotational residential proxies. It works so that in time the IP address is rotated. It will provide you with a static IP.
  • The back end will handle the entire rotation, and you can easily link with the static IP.

You can select the options according to your requirement from the below list.

1.      Blazing SEO

Blazing SEO is One of the best APIs for web scraping. There are many features associated with JavaScript, which makes it very convenient to use. You can use it for single-day use and still get the benefits you are looking for. It is recommended to please request for Blazing SEO it will act upon your request, and it does not work by considering your bandwidth.

It is one of the best options not to face any difficulty while scraping the web or using it for the bot. You will need a credit card to get activation of Blazing SEO. It also works best first search engine researches. One of the best things about Blazing SEO is that it is one of the most affordable and cheap web scraping methods if you compare it to all others.

2.      Luminati

If you are looking for a rotating residential proxy Luminati is one of the best. The best thing about this proxy is that it will provide you access to 72 million IP addresses from all across the world, and hence you can target any of the geo-locations you want. It is one of the best proxies, so it is expensive, and you have to pay a large amount of money to get it activated. It charges on the base of bandwidth that you are using, and it will also make sure that you get a static IP.

3.      Oxylabs

Oxylabs will provide you access to different types of proxy, including data center proxy, rotating residential proxy, and static residential proxy. You can also get your hands on next-generation Proxies enabled, which helps with some of the latest equipment to make web scraping easier for you.

You can get fine access to over 100 million proxies, and hence it is also one of the smooth and greatest platforms for web scraping. It is upon you to choose any type of proxy that you want to work with, and you will also get complete guidance over web scrapping.

4.      Smartproxy

It also gives you access to different processes, including data center proxies and rotating residential proxies. You can also get search engine proxies that will help you hide your IP from the websites you are trying to visit anonymously. It also works in a lot of geographical locations.

5.      Crawlera

This one is unique because it provides a different service than the other proxy servers. It does not specify the type of proxy you are using, but it rotates your IP address to protect you from getting detected and blocked. You can extract different kinds of data from any website according to your requirement.


You can use some of the best Web scraping API and proxy servers by choosing some of the best options. We have provided some services that will help you if you want to go for safe web scraping. You can choose and activate the subscription of your requirement.

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