5 Things To Consider Before Buying Winter Tires

Purchasing winter tires can save you money in addition to being a safety precaution. Winter tires significantly increase fuel efficiency by providing superior traction on snow and ice. However, selecting the appropriate winter tires is the only way to increase both your safety and fuel efficiency.

Take your tire size into consideration

Getting winter tires that are comparable in size to your summer and all-season tires is the best course of action. To find out which size you need, consult the sidewall of your current tires or your owner’s manual. Some people decide not to get as big of tires for winter. This is an additional choice. Reducing the size of your winter tire has the benefit of improving traction on the road due to the narrower tire. Not to mention that smaller tires are typically less expensive.

Watch your driving skills and condition of road 

Where and how you drive will have a big impact on the kind of winter tire you select. Will you drive your car to work every day in the city? Are you making deliveries across the highway in your car? Will you be driving up the mountain to engage in winter activities throughout the entire season? Your lifestyle will dictate the kind of winter tire you should buy, so it’s important to consider that. Snow tires provide more traction if you drive mostly in urban areas where the snow gets slushy. Ice tires are your best option if you drive a lot on highways that frequently freeze over.

Research the type of tyres

Additionally, there is the option of tires with or without studding. For daily driving on slushy snow, non-studded tires work best because of their surface, which makes it easier for the tires to grip the road and cut through the snow. When driving in icy, densely packed snow, studded tires work best because they can break through the ice and improve traction. It should be noted that studded tires are not recommended for use on regular roads due to the possibility of pavement damage.

Purchase identical tires

Sometimes, in an effort to save money, people will only replace two tires or will purchase anything used. Purchasing used tires is perfectly acceptable, but it’s crucial to inspect them all thoroughly because driving with uneven or mismatched tires will shorten the lifespan of your vehicle. This may result in improper handling, which puts you and other drivers in danger. 

Lookout for rebates and promotions

Nearly every one of our dealerships is running winter tire specials right now, including rebates, cheap tire storage, and more! This is the ideal moment to visit your neighborhood dealership and inquire about any tire specials they may be offering. You may just get a fantastic deal! Keep in mind that using winter tires in icy, dry, or non-snowy conditions will cause the tires to deteriorate much more quickly. Thus, don’t wait to return to the all-season tires after the winter.

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