Student Nightlife in Toronto: Affordable Parties & Events

Entertainment is an essential part of student life. A fun party is a great way to recharge and gain strength for studying and an opportunity to make friends with similar interests. If you plan to start your studies in Toronto or are a local from nightlife newbies, this article is for you. For youth vacationing in Toronto, these tips will also help. Below, you will learn about the best nightlife deals for students, where you won’t spend much but will get an ocean of positive emotions!

Call Her Juliet

The nightclub is in the centre of Toronto’s fancy district on King Street West. Call Her Juliet is one of the ten best youth nightclubs in the city and is known beyond its borders. Considering the location and status, expect to spend a little for the place. For a thrifty student, the minimum cost will be $50 (including a $20 entrance fee, $4 wardrobe fee, and beverages from $10 to $12 each). For girls who registered for the event in advance, admission is free.

Call Her Juliet regularly hosts themed parties with Toronto’s best DJs. Come check out the giant dance floor to the electronic beat and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of fun student nights in the city! In this establishment, any dull evening threatens to become an upscale party.

Fiction Club

The Fiction Club on Pearl Street is the perfect place for junior students (provided they are over 19 years old). Students are the main contingent of the establishment, and graduation parties are often held here. The room is spacious: two bars and two large dance floors. In this club, you will find decent but affordable parties in Toronto. Admission to the party is $20 (free for ladies with pre-registration), and drinks range from $6 to $10. If you are under 21, feel free to go to this club to practice for the adult club scene!

However, music is not Fiction Club’s strong point, as seasoned partygoers will immediately understand. The mixes consist mainly of top popular tracks, which are already heard on every corner. So, if you have already become a club gourmet, better look further.

Dance Cave

A legendary nightclub in an equally legendary building! Dance Cave has been delighting students with atmospheric parties for decades, being the Toronto budget-friendly nightlife frontman. One of the features is its location in an ancient grotesque building that is more than a hundred years old. Dance Cave occupies the second floor above Lee’s Palace, which hosts live music events. A cosy room with cave vaults was a part of a cabaret previously. Now it is bursting with marvellous DJ sets.

Dance Cave is located on Bloor Street West. The building is impossible to miss: on the outside, you will find skilful, bright paintings by Al Runt. The club has inexpensive cocktails and beers for around $6. You can get to the establishment on weekends or other days (if there is an event). Admission is free for students until midnight (regular price $10).

Events for students in Toronto

Toronto student nightlife is not limited to visiting clubs! Holidays are a reason to have fun with unusual splendour. And what if an ordinary day can become a holiday? Below, you will find examples of enjoyable student-friendly events in Toronto.

The Haunted University Halloween Boat Party

A themed cruise party is a highly anticipated event in Toronto. The majestic ship awaits departure from Queens Quay West in the evening, and the provisions on board include food, alcohol and massive speakers! Hurry up to have fun before arriving back (at 2 a.m.), and make sure you have an original costume to win a prize. 

The party occurs on a closed deck, so don’t worry about the weather. Those who want to spend Halloween among the ghosts of the ship and alive and cheerful peers should prepare about $30 for admission.

Veld Music Festival

The annual music festival takes place in Toronto, bringing the 19+ crowd together in a stream of high-end electronic music and hip-hop. Light shows, deep bass and good mood – are the main sponsors of the summer festival at Downsview Park. Three large stages separate musical directions:

  • the Main Stage for headliners,
  • the Bass Stage for hip-hop and dubstep,
  • the Sirkus Stage for house music.

The first festival took place in 2012, and since there have been world-class stars such as:

  • Armin van Buuren,
  • Tiësto,
  • Sofi Tukker,
  • Martin Garrix,
  • Travis Scott,
  • Migos.

Veld Music Festival is widely known throughout Canada, so you’re in luck if you’re studying in Toronto! The flow of tourists raises prices – take note if you are a traveller. Check the possibilities beforehand if you plan to rent a car in Toronto during the festival.

Concluding recommendations

Please note that Toronto nightclubs have a dress code. A clutch or wallet is the only thing that fits the size you can take along. Bottle service in entertainment establishments is unreasonably expensive. What good is a seat at a $300 table if you’re here to tear up the dance floor?

Club music takes precedence over EDM in Toronto clubs, so raves and festivals are good options for variety. Large-themed festivals allow you to diversify your leisure while discovering new places in Toronto or travelling around Ontario.

When coming to the city with a group for an exciting vacation, it is better to rent a passenger van. Ensure comfortable travel from the moment you land and find a suitable offer of 9 seater van hire in Toronto Airport beforehand. Book early and save your student budget to have fun at the clubs! The 9 seater van rental Toronto services allows you to move in one group and share impressions with friends.


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