Just How Often Should We Check In With Friends?

We all love our friends, but it’s probably true of us all that with some of our friends, we don’t check in with them enough. 

At a time when problems with mental health are at an all time high, it’s perhaps vital that we speak out more about our feelings with friends, and encourage them to do so more with us too. 

It’s a crazy world we’re living in, and with a recession imminent, as well as political unrest, the dregs of COVID and a climate crisis, should we be speaking to our friends more about day to day life?

That got us thinking, just how often should we be reaching out and checking in with our friends?

What are their circumstances?

Firstly, the amount you check in with friends may well depend on their personal circumstances and home life. For example, it’s perhaps much more important to reach out and check in with a friend living alone more regularly than it is someone with a partner and family living with them or close by.

Another reason may well be their circumstances, so somebody teetotal in a job they love you’re less likely to need to reach out as often as someone who has just gone through private alcohol rehab and is now in the early stages of recovery.

So weigh up just how much they may need you to check in.

You don’t need to meet in person

Of course, you never know how somebody is feeling inside unless they tell you. So reaching out no matter what somebody’s circumstances can be important. That doesn’t mean you need to make the effort to go around and see them, sometimes a quick text message can be equally as valuable, simply letting them know you’re there.

Get into a habit of maybe texting your friends once a week asking how their week has been. It could be the catalyst to make them feel better if they are down.

Start new regular activities

If you do want to check in in person, then why not consider starting a new activity with a group of friends that will keep you all coming back on a weekly basis.

It would not only provide you the opportunity to catch up and see how they are, but also it can massively boost mental health. For example, the endorphins from going running, taking a yoga or playing five-a-side football can produce huge natural highs that will boost your mood and reduce anxiety and stress. 

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong answer for exact time periods when it comes to checking in, but little and often can be a real source of joy and escape for people, including yourself, getting the help needed and providing your friends with just that little bit more love. 

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