6 Ways to Style Toddler Outfits

One of the funnest parts of being a parent to a toddler is getting to pick out their outfits and helping them develop their own personal style. But, just like the adult fashion world, toddler clothing trends come and go quickly. Keeping up with fashion for yourself and your kids can seem a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to! We’ve got tips on how to style toddler outfits for any season. From cute boy outfits to adorable girl ensembles, we’ve got you covered with insight on all the most popular toddler fashions of today. 

Toddler Outfit Factors to Consider

While you want your toddler’s clothes to be cute and stylish, it’s important to keep in mind that toddlers are always on the go. As such, they need clothing that they can move in, can be washed easily, and will stand up to wear and tear. 

Outfits with Function

The best toddler clothing items are made of fabric that moves with them, so they can play and explore without feeling restricted. In order to ensure your toddler has room to move, opt for clothing pieces that are made of breathable, stretchy fabrics like cotton, polyester, and nylon. They’re durable, and can withstand many trips to the playground. These fabrics are also incredibly soft, making them perfect for toddlers’ sensitive skin.  

Easy to Clean

Another important factor to consider when choosing clothing for your toddler is if it’s easy to wash. Toddlers have a habit of making a bit of a mess wherever they go. Hey, sometimes learning means a whole bowl of mac and cheese spilled all over your little one’s favorite t-shirt. With their tendency to get a little messy, it’s best to choose toddler outfit pieces that you can toss into the washing machine for a quick clean. 

Durable and Adorable

As mentioned above, toddlers are always on the move. With all that moving and grooving, their clothes are bound to take a bit of wear and tear. Given this, you’ll want to pick toddler outfits that won’t easily rip or stain. 

Cute Boy Outfits

There are so many great clothing styles available to toddler boys. Some of the most popular (and cutest) styles today include: 

Graphic Tees

One type of toddler boy clothing that never goes out of style are graphic t-shirts. They’re soft, durable, and it’s easy to find a variety of tees that are good for any day of the week. When buying graphic t-shirts for your son, consider their interests: for instance, if they love dinosaurs, get them a graphic tee with a cute T-rex on it. They’ll love showing off their favorite things as a part of their wardrobe.


Joggers are a great style of pants for both play and downtime for toddler boys. They’re comfortable enough to run and crawl around in, and just as cozy when settling down for naptime. 

Mommy/Daddy and Me Sets

If your son is a total mommy or daddy’s boy, he’ll love wearing an outfit that matches you! Pick out a set of matching loungewear that you can wear together on your next playground outing. You’ll be the best dressed parent and child pair at the park!

Cute Girl Outfits

There are plenty of adorable outfits for toddler girls too! Some of the most popular toddler girl styles include: 

Jumpsuits and Rompers

Jumpsuits and rompers are a great option for toddler girls as an alternative to dresses. They’re functional, and perfect for playground play, as they allow more room to move than a dress would. Pair a jumpsuit with a set of matching shoes and a denim jacket for a stylish everyday look. 


Leggings are a perfect pant option for toddler girls: they’re easy to move in, and come in a variety of fabrics and prints to choose from. You can wear them solo with a cute sweatshirt, or layer them under a dress on colder days. 

Animal Print Sets

Animal print is always in fashion, and nothing’s cuter than an animal print matching set. From zebra, to leopard, to tiger, your daughter will have fun taking a walk on the wild side in an animal print top and skirt. It’s also easy to elevate an existing outfit by pairing it with animal print accessories to really make it pop. 

In Conclusion

Picking out the perfect outfit for your toddler doesn’t have to be hard. By choosing clothing items with durable and comfortable fabric and incorporating on-trend items like graphic t-shirts and animal prints, you’ll have no trouble coming up with plenty of cute boy outfits and adorable girl ensembles. On top of getting to watch your child enjoy what they wear, you’ll get to help them develop their own personal style as they grow. What toddler styles does your little one love to wear the most?

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