7 Facts About the World of Packaging Everyone Should Know

7 Facts About the World of Packaging Everyone Should Know

The containers and packaging that we use on a daily basis accounted for 82.2 million tons of waste in 2018 alone.

That’s more than the weight of 11 million African elephants, which is more than are even roaming this earth.

Just picture that for a second. And then recognize that if you are going to be packaging goods, you need to be doing it right.

So what else do we not know about packaging that we should know more about? Keep reading all about the world of packaging here!

  1. Packaging Costs Millions of Dollars

Packaging products cost so much money because a lot more than just throwing products into a box goes into the process behind it. There is an entire design process to make sure it stands out to the consumer.

Not only does it already cost a lot, but the cost of packaging is still rising. This is partially due to inflation, but there are many other factors at play.

As our world becomes more digitalized, more things are being sent via mail which need packaging. Because of this, there is an increase in the demand for packaging and the materials needed for it as well.

There is also the cost of transport and the machinery needed to package the products up.

  1. The Design Production of Packaging Products Is Extensive

When you think about getting a package in the mail, you probably don’t think much about the packaging or design that goes into getting the package to you. However, that is a huge part of the process.

Not only do you have to choose a design and logo, you need to go through the legal ramifications of your copy. You also need to get hardcopies of the design and then actually print them out.

If you’re interested in learning more about the design packaging process and all of the steps, look here for more information.

  1. The World Is Responding to Be More Sustainable With Packaging Products

As we mentioned before, the world of packaging creates a ton of waste. But the world sees that and wants to change it. Here are a few ways countries around the world are fighting back when it comes to irresponsible packaging:

  • China proposed a ban on single-use plastic bags by 2022
  • The United States is introducing bills to reduce packaging waste and promote recycling
  • Canada has implemented a country-wide strategy for sustainable packaging

As more and more countries become on board with being more sustainable with their types of packaging, there will be less waste to worry about in the future.

  1. Plastic Packaging Has an Expiration Date

Have you ever looked at your water bottle and noticed that there was an expiration date? You probably thought to yourself that you never knew water expired!

Well, lucky for you, it doesn’t. What does expire, however, is the plastic that the water is in.

Since there are toxic chemicals in the plastic packaging of most water bottles, the expiration date is there to prevent this from happening. This is not something you need to constantly worry about as long as you are storing your water bottles in the right conditions.

However, in the heat, the plastic packaging can break down and cause the release of the chemicals in the plastic.

If you’re worried about this (and the world), your best bet is to use a reusable water bottle that is BPA-free. You’ll be saving your health and the environment’s.

  1. Recycling Can Create Energy 

Many of us spend our time sorting through what can be recycled and what cannot be. Part of what can be is our plastic packaging, or most of it for that matter.

If you choose to recycle one plastic bottle, the energy that can be regathered from that can power a lightbulb for up to three hours.

By recycling different packaging products, you are also helping the planet out.

  1. The Packaging Industry Is Male-Dominated

Although the packaging industry has been majority male for quite some time, this is changing! More females are entering the field.

Michigan State University’s School of Packaging has seen a more balanced enrollment from its students, showing that females are taking the leap to become a part of the ever-growing industry.

  1. Almost Every Item Comes in a Package

The world of packaging is truly its own world, especially when you look around your house and realize that almost everything you own once came in its own packaging.

Out of this list of over 100 items you need in your house (and many people have), almost every single one of them came in a package of some sort. Whether it came in a plastic tub or a cardboard box, you can thank the packaging industry for their product manufacturing.

Although if you are worried about the earth, there are more ways packaging is becoming more sustainable like using glass instead of plastic or buying items in bulk at the grocery store instead of pre-packaged.

Packaging Facts You Didn’t Know

So how many of these world of packaging facts did you really know? Probably not a lot of them!

With such a huge industry, packaging products costs millions of dollars and plenty of the earth’s resources. Don’t forget – you could also be the change maker for how the packaging world works and help it become more sustainable!

Did you enjoy reading these fun facts? Check out our blog for other fun facts and tips!

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