Best things to do in Jura Mountains

The Jura Mountains, straddling the border between France and Switzerland, are a wonderful place to get away from it all and recharge the batteries if you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just looking for some peace and quiet. The natural world is well-protected, and the dense mountain woods generate a certain kind of happiness. You can never be too far from water in this area, what with all the lakes, caverns, and chasms. You will be completely spoiled for choice, whether you visit in the summer or the winter and want to ski, go canyoning, eat raclette, or go swimming. Know about the best things or places to visit in the Jura Mountains through this article.

Observe quiet in the Abbey of Saint-Pierre at Baume-les-Messieurs.

This “Imperial Abbey,” which was established in the sixth century and expanded by Bernon at the end of the ninth, is a popular tourist destination. The original Cluny monks departed from this location. Modern visitors may take in the stunning building, which features elements typical of the first generation of Jura Romanesque design. Since 1849, when it was first designated as such, the abbey church of Saint-Pierre has been recognised as a national historic landmark, despite its age (it was built in the eleventh century).

Take a trip to the beautiful Chateau d’Arlay and its surrounding grounds.

Just by visiting the Château d’Arlay, you may experience a time travel portal. The old cloister of the Minimes monastery, which was constructed in 1650 but now just has its cellar to show for it, was used as the foundation for the 1774 building. The door swings wide to reveal Romantic Park and its stunning horseshoe-shaped fountain.  The current building was designed after carefully studying the previous plan from 1774, which was preserved in the castle.

Sip some wine at Arbois.

This modest town in Comté embraces a rich architectural legacy; historic buildings, castles, churches, convents, and walls excite visitors as they wander the streets. It is also known as the capital of Jura wines and the region of gastronomy. The winemakers of Arbois deserve the credit for establishing this area as an AOC on May 15, 1936.

Go skiing in Les Rousses

The “Les Rousses” resort is located only 45 kilometres (17.96 miles) from Geneva, in the midst of the Regional Natural Park of Haut-Jura. The variety of its landscapes, the quality of its air, and the abundance of its animals and flora are enough to enchant any fan of open spaces. Many beautiful hikes may be taken here, thanks to the area’s lakes, woodlands, and views of Mont Blanc. Skiing, sleigh rides, and sledding are available year-round, while sailing, golfing, riding horses or bicycles, fishing, shooting arrows, and skating are all available during the warmer summer months. However, remember that skiing is risky and health insurance is mandatory in Switzerland. Therefore, use PrimApp – Health Insurance Comparison in Switzerland to find the best health insurance offerings for yourself. However, To get the right price and know which health insurance will be suitable in Jura for your needs, you can use a health insurance comparison tool.

Take a break and relax at the Salins-les-Bains spa.

The little Jura city, nestled in the shadow of the towering 853-meter-high Mount Poupet and protected by the forts Belin and Saint-André (Vauban’s invention), has all the amenities of a much larger metropolis. Since the year 2000, the city’s economy has benefited greatly from the salt that has been mined from the surrounding landscape. The Grande Saline mine is where the “white gold” of Salins-les-Bains was originally mined. The natural saltiness of the water at the thermal spas is a major draw for tourists. The Therma Salina, a new facility with a spa and thermal facilities of 30,000 square feet (28,800 square metres), is now open. If you would like to have a loan here, you can have it from a Personal Loan Provider in Switzerland. But make sure to use Tiptop – Credit Comparison in Switzerland so that you get to choose the best options.

Visit Clairvaux Lake to Take a Dip

Clairvaux-les-lacs, with its abundance of greenery, is a popular tourist destination owing to its lake, which is ideal for those who enjoy social gatherings and water sports. Historians can explore the remains of a Neolithic lakeside settlement in Lake Clairvaux.

Discover the Baume Caves

The cave of Baume-les-Messieurs, found in 1610, is one of the three caves in the Jura. The others are the cave of the Planches and the cave of the Moidons. Because of its convenience, it’s a perfect place to get your feet wet in the world of caving. Ceilings as high as 80 metres (262 feet) allow visitors to marvel at concretions, stalactites, stalagmites, and draperies that are estimated to be about 30 million years old. Bats take shelter there in the winter, hence the area is closed to the public during that season.

Maintain a priority on cross-country skiing in the Prémanon

Les Rousses is a Nordic snow paradise in the middle of the Haut-Jura Nature Park, with infinite opportunities to engage in your favourite activity thanks to the station’s tracks connecting to the nearby snowy enclaves of Hautes-Combes, Bellefontaine, and the Swiss canton of Romandy. Remember that some of these woods fall inside a protected biotope zone!


In conclusion, Delémont, the seat of the canton of Jura, and the surrounding region brag of having the hottest summer in the Jura, located approximately 40 minutes between Basel and Bienne. Winding mountain streams shape spectacular canyons in the landscape from the meadows to the slopes. This old and lovely town is enhanced by the region’s unique features, and amongst the best places to visit in Switzerland.

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