Bowling Places in Mumbai

Bowling is an entertaining sport that can improve your mental and physical well-being. Based on science, there are numerous benefits of bowling: it improves social life, aids weight loss, muscle toning and strengthening, enhances heart health, stress relief, and improves hand-eye coordination. Bowling is a popular sport because it’s suitable for all ages. In addition, it’s a low-impact exercise that will reduce your risk of injuries, unlike other sports. Choosing a great bowling alley can be overwhelming. There are various aspects that you should consider when looking for a perfect bowling alley, including size, cost, accessibility, and equipment. Below are the top bowling places in Mumbai:

  1. Timezone

Timezone is a popular bowling alley in Mumbai with four branches. Bowling is the main attraction there, but you’ll have an opportunity to engage in arcade games, video games, and modern high-tech gaming. For individuals looking forward to bowling in Timezone, visit Timezone is the best venue for a kid’s party. Hosting your party at this location will create a memorable moment because there are various games, including bowling.

  1. Amoeba

This is a great bowling location for individuals who like to party because it comprises a restaurant, sports bar, and bowling alley. You can enjoy your drinks and eat while mingling with your friends after the bowling session. This bowling alley in Kurla, Mumbai, is well-maintained. In addition, it’s huge, and the games are affordable. Also, the Amoeba bowling station offers arcade games and a wide range of video games. These games will play a major part in improving your creativity.

  1. Play Park

Play Park is situated in Prime Mall, Vile Parle. Here you’ll come across a ton of shopping and eating options that suit your wants. This is a perfect bowling location because you’ll find other games, including pool and play station games. If you’re looking forward to engaging in a gaming session with your family, colleagues, and friends, consider Play Park. This bowling alley quotes low prices that can suit your budget.

  1. Fun City

If you’re situated around Mumbai’s eastern suburbs, Fun City is the best bowling option. This bowling alley is located in Thane’s Viviane Mall. The fun city has a great reputation because it hosts various bowling competitions. In addition, there are ten bowling alleys in Fun City. Therefore, you’ll have quick access to your favourite bowling station. Bowling sessions at Fun City will cost you around 220 – 400 Rs.

  1. Smaaash

For people looking for an exhilarating vibe, Smaaash is the ideal place. There are various fun activities under a single roof, including jungle safari, bowling alley, paintball arena, indoor cricket park, trampoline park, and go-kart. The rates at Smaaash are a bit higher, especially when compared to other bowling places. Here the bowling alleys have ultraviolet lighting, which improves the place’s ambience.

In conclusion, there are different types of bowling, including duckling bowling, 5-pin bowling, 9-pin bowling, 10-pin bowling, and candlepin bowling. Choose a bowling alley that suits your budget as well as your tastes and preferences.

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