Do many people in New Zealand love slots online?

Millions of people across the globe are now playing online slots and the residents of New Zealand are no different. Despite having a population of around 5 million, New Zealand only has 6 land-based casinos in the whole of the country. To put that further into context, there are around 30 casinos on the Las Vegas Strip alone…

This extremely limited number of operating casinos means that many New Zealanders who wish to play slots do not have access to them or are unable to travel to visit them –  play now. Luckily, we live in an age where new technology allows for an equally as great gaming experience online and New Zealanders certainly are big fans!

What’s so good about online slots?

It is certainly undeniable that there is an expansive range of different slot games available online with themed games ranging from blockbuster movies and tv series to cities, popular destinations, or sports. Improvements in technology have also meant that slots online now have HD graphics with great high-quality visual and audio effects, making the games even more exciting, fun, and engaging.

Not only are visually pleasing, but they’re also minimum effort for maximum return! Online slots don’t require a complicated strategy with complex rules to follow. They are a quick and easy game led by the click of a button making them super accessible to all.

Their easy nature, however, does not mean that they are boring, absolutely not! In fact, they are an exciting game of luck that can result in big wins. Online slots often offer larger payouts than land-based casinos which means chances of winning life-changing amounts of money are even larger.

Online slot games have been growing more and more popular in New Zealand with big wins making it into the local press, inspiring other residents to get involved. For example, 27-year-old Rawiri Pou, a Maori man from Matamata, hit a 10 million jackpot after playing only 250 New Zealand Dollars on an online slot casino. It was one of the biggest online slot wins of all time.

Final thoughts on why many people in New Zealand love slots online

Despite current New Zealand legislation outlaws online-based casinos to be located in New Zealand, it does not ban its residents from using online slot casinos based elsewhere overseas. In fact, the New Zealand government do not tax earnings and wins made through online slots meaning the full winnings are up for grabs.

It is also important that New Zealanders know how to recognize legitimate and safe online slot games as there is no player protection provided by their government.

However, when played safely and vigilantly, slot games online are fun, exciting, and lively. New Zealanders are making the most out of the vast and exciting range of online slots available online. The world of online slots has opened up the opportunity of winning big to people from across the country.

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