What is the Best Online Bingo Variant?

For years, bingo has been a favorite hobby for several individuals around the globe. Members would always have to come together in a physical location in order to play now.

But thanks to technological advancements, those interested in the game now have access to it online. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of online players over the past decade because most sites offer flexibility and a wide array of play options.

Meaning that those playing online have more variants to choose from than those going to an actual bingo game. So, if you are a bingo-lover, take a look at the several options the online version presents you with, as we consider which variant is currently the best.

The 30-Ball

Many online gamers prefer to round up games as quickly as possible. Because of this, far faster than usual versions of the game have emerged.

The 30-ball is played with just 30 balls. The smaller the number of balls, the quicker the game ends. And once a player gets a complete house, the game immediately comes to an end.

The 75-Ball

This is the second most common type of bingo you can find online, and It is very popular in the United States. Once you match all numbers on your card, you get a complete house, and the game is yours.

The 75-ball has an unconventional twist to it and is fun to play.

The 80-Ball

This method was introduced by online platforms and has quickly caught on. A precise pattern is pre-selected, and players will have to match its specifications in order to be awarded the pot of gold.

A card containing 16 digits will be issued to players, and this is what will determine who gets the win. The patterns of the game are constantly changing, and this is what makes it even more interesting.

The 90-Ball

Everyone loves a 90-Ball. This is the crowd’s favorite and the most popular bingo variant. The tickets in this mode come with nine columns and have three rows that have five digits each.

Every game comes with three rewards: one that benefits the whole house, a two-line reward, and a single-line reward.

The winning crown goes to whosoever marks off all the digits on the card first.

All you have to do to win a game of 90-ball is to complete three patterns.

This variant is the best and most popular.


Certain variants of the game tend to come with a jackpot segment. It is usually a sort of bonus level and comes with its own set of benefits.

There are also public jackpots in which every player in the game gets an equal portion of the reward instead of just one person. The most common approach to winning a jackpot is to score a complete house. However, it comes with certain terms and conditions.


Online bingo offers a wide range of options that can keep you hooked for hours. You can easily go for a 90-ball classic or opt for a quicker variant like the 30-ball.

Either way, the goal is to have fun and make some money, and playing online offers you just that.

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