How to Help Your Child Form a Relationship With God

Nine out of 10 adult Christians decided to follow God under the age of 18.

So, you’re right as a parent to be worried about your kid’s relationship with God. The reason is that if your child doesn’t form a solid Christian foundation when young, it’ll be hard to do it when they grow up. And as a parent, you feel that it’s your responsibility to introduce your kid to Christianity.

Yet, with so many distractions from the internet and social media, you feel that encouraging your kid to follow God is an uphill task.

So, how do you overcome this challenge?

Read on to discover how to help your child form a relationship with God.

Be a Good Role Model

As a parent, you’re your kids’ role model, and they’ll try to emulate you. So, if your relationship with Christ is not firm, it’ll be hard to bring up God-fearing kids. The reason is that even though you try to hide it, kids can sense things without you having to tell them.

That’s why you should start by growing your faith in God to become a good role model to your kids. Let your child see that you trust in God and rely on him for everything. Your goal is to lead by example and show your kids what it’s like to lead a religious life.

Encourage Your Kid to Attend Church Services

To help your kid build a relationship with God, you need to encourage them to attend church services. The idea is to introduce them to spiritual leaders who help them grow their faith in Christ. However, understand that the main church service may not be beneficial to young kids.

The reason is that this service targets adult, and sermons center on things affecting adult Christians. That’s why you need to direct your child to kids church service. The idea is to ensure they’re receiving Christian teachings tailored for their age.

Practice Praying Together

To grow in faith, Christians must learn how to be prayerful. That’s why as a parent, you need to teach your kid how to pray. The idea is to guide them on how to communicate with God. If you’re not sure how exactly, you can easily obtain an online degree in christian counseling which will help you communicate and pass down the message in a way the young mind can understand the importance of praying and the meaning behind it.

So, to help your kid learn to pray with ease, practice praying together as a family. The secret is to find an opportunity where every member of your family is present to pray together. You want the kid to learn the power of praying regularly from a young age.

Become a Great Parent by Helping Your Kid Build a Relationship With God

As a parent, it’s your duty to help your kid build a relationship with God. That’s why you need to learn how to become a great Christian role model to your kid. Also, you need to encourage your kid to attend church service.

Besides, adopt the practice of praying together with your kid. The objective is to teach your child the importance of praying as a Christian.

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