The Rise Of Flexible Nursing Jobs: What Is A Per Diem Assignment?

At the end of 2019, a virus now known as COVID 19 was first spotted in China. Today, more than a year later, that virus, or at least variants of it, is still spreading.

The pandemic has stretched medical resources thin, so our front-line workers are more important than ever. Frontline workers come in many forms, including that of per diem nurses.

A per diem nurse is a type of nurse who works temporarily at a hospital or in another medical setting. Flexible nursing jobs, including per diem nursing, have grown in popularity in recent years. We’ll list some reasons why in this article.

  1. Increased Flexibility

Per diem nurses have a major advantage that other medical professionals don’t have. They can, to an extent, choose their own hours. Since per diem nurses are temporary workers, they get to choose which shifts they work in a given week.

Being able to choose your own shifts allows for a better work-life balance. This is often especially useful for those who are just starting or finishing up their career in nursing.

For many, it provides the opportunity to get hands-on work experience while also having time to pursue education. Other people see it as a way to have a meaningful job and a lot of time left for hobbies.

  1. Fill Multiple Roles

Working per diem means that you work in various nursing positions as needed. Naturally, this means that you may end up working at a few different places doing a few different jobs.

This practice exposes nurses to different specialties within nursing and might even help them narrow their focus within the field. Others might be less attached to the idea of specializing and want to be useful wherever they can.

Not only are there plenty of fields in need of nurses, but plenty of places for them to work, as well. If you live in Pennsylvania or New York, Thornbury nursing might be right for you.

  1. Make Extra Money

Per diem nurses get paid somewhat differently than the average nurse. The nature of their job involves going to different facilities and serving in different nursing roles.

As nurses move from place to place their pay tends to fluctuate. At times it’s lower than what most nurses earn, but it will be more at times, as well.

The average registered nurse makes just under $39 per hour. Per diem nurses often have even higher wages, though we should note that it comes with a downside. Per diem nurses don’t often have insurance through their employer, though they do qualify for many other benefits.

Flexible Nursing Jobs: What They Are and Why They’re Worth it

We’ve talked a bit about flexible nursing jobs in this article, but the medical industry is constantly growing and changing. There will always be more to learn about it. We encourage you to look into per diem nursing more and try your hand at it if you think it’s the job for you.

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