The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Resort for Your Orlando Vacation

Whether you have been planning a vacation to Orlando for a while, or it is a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing, you need to think about the resort that you stay in. The resort that you sleep and stay in can affect the experience you get throughout your vacation, so what action can you start taking to ensure that you choose the right resort for you and for everyone that is traveling with you?

Choosing a Resort That Offers a Lot

To start with, you want to choose a location that offers you and those you are traveling with more than you can imagine. Your trip to Orlando needs to be memorable for all of the right reasons. For example, the Westgate Lakes Resort Orlando offers you a chance to stay in a hotel that has an on-site water park. So, when you have done exploring the theme parks, you can then start enjoying and relaxing in your resort or watching the kids fly down the water slides and shoots. If you go for a resort that does not cater to your family, you will find that you will always be having to travel off-site. When you are traveling off-site, it will cost you more money, it will be take time, and of course, this means it will be an inconvenience. So, when you are looking at resorts, you need to look for those that offer a little bit more. Don’t settle for one that does not have activity clubs if this is what your kids need, or else you will find you will be creating more stress and anxiety for yourself.

Duration of your Visit

How long are you planning to visit Orlando for, and where do you want to go throughout your visit. Are you looking at staying in the same location for the duration of your visit, or are you looking at doing a multi-center visit? The duration of your visit will affect your budget, and it will affect the resort you choose. Simply because some resorts have a minimum night stay attached to them, and you have to be sure that you meet this criterion. When you are thinking about the duration of your visit, really think about what you want to get done during your visit. For example, do you want to have 3 or 4 days exploring Walt Disney world, or would you like more time to venture to other parks such as Seaworld and Busch Gardens? If you are traveling with a family, you will want to give yourself more time to travel and explore the parks on offer.

Proximity to Parks

When you are looking at resorts, you need to think about proximity to parks. Do you want to be located in a Universal park or in Disney world, or would you like to be centrally located in Orlando, giving you access to the sights and surroundings Orlando has to offer? There is so much to see in Orlando itself, and if you are stuck in an official park, you may find that you are limited to where you can go, especially if you have kids who do not want to leave the park. Ideally, you would look at a resort that has central access to everywhere. For example, a resort that is a few minutes away from theme parks and way from International drive and shops is going to ensure that you and your family have the variety you need.  For more updates, visit:

Overall Location

The overall location of resort matters. If you are located in a resort that is off the main interstate, you will be better placed for travel all over Orlando. You cannot simply rely on shuttles offered by a resort or hotel; instead, you need to be sure that you have access to other transportation modes and methods. When you are looking at an overall location, see what is available, and see what is local. If you do not check out a location (perhaps even by using google maps) you may end up making the wrong decision. You may end up constantly traveling each day to get places, and this will be frustrating for you and for your family too.

As you search for a house in Orlando at, consider the location of the resort and its proximity to major transportation routes. A strategically chosen resort can enhance your overall experience and make your life in Orlando more convenient and enjoyable.

Total Cost

Resorts often have a set price for each night that you stay. However, more often than not, when it comes to the total costs of your stay, it can vary. It can vary depending on when you are staying, and it can vary depending on how many nights you are staying. If your budget is tight, then you may wish to contact the hotel directly as quite often, you are in a position to negotiate a discount. You may also find that when you stay for a specific period of time, the costs are more competitive and affordable. When you are getting a total cost for your resort, then look at what is included in that price. Are you getting water parks included, are there lots of facilities for kids? Are you getting access to high-quality restaurants, eateries, and bars? What exactly are you getting for your total cost, and is it acceptable for you?

Facilities and Amenities

Each resort will offer a variety of facilities and amenities, and some of these will be suitable for you, whereas others will not be essential. Establishing what facilities and amenities you and your family need during your stay is important. Making use of everything that you can will help you and your family have a good time. For example, how many pools does the resort offer? If there are lots of rooms, and the resort only has one pool, then is it large enough to accommodate everyone? Is there free WI-FI on offer all throughout the resort? How big are rooms and suites and are they suitable for you and your family? Do you need assistance or mobility access? When you know what facilities and amenities you require for your vacation, you will then be in a better position to make an informed decision.

Other Traveler Reviews and Recommendations

Even though you are best to choose the resort you want for yourself, you should always take advantage of other people’s reviews and recommendations. Seeing what others have said and seeing what they thought was fantastic (and not perhaps so great is important. When you can see real and honest reviews and feedback from impartial reviews, you can then establish if a resort is right for you. When you are looking at reviews and recommendations, try and look at the ones that are relevant to you and those you are traveling with. For example, a couple who have just stayed at the place you are looking at will have different thoughts and opinions on what is great and what is not.

Star Rating

The star rating of a resort is important, and far too often, it is easy to overlook the rating when looking at a hotel’s images and reviews. However, before making any decisions or commitments, make sure you know what the star rating is and how important it is to standards throughout your stay. If you are looking for a certain number of facilities or amenities, you need to know how important the star rating is. For example, a 3-star rating is not going to offer you everything that a 4-star can. This difference may not sound like a lot, but if you are on vacation for a couple of weeks, it can make a big difference. As there are so many resorts to choose from as well, you will also find it beneficial to narrow down your search by applying a star rating. If you go for a 4-star rating, you will find that you will get access to everything that you and your family need. For example, even for the pickiest of eaters, you will have several restaurants or dining areas to choose from.

Staff Friendliness and Willing to Help

This sounds like it should be something that is readily offered and available, doesn’t it? However, not all resorts offer the same high levels of care and service, and this can ultimately impact what you feel and what you experience during your stay. When it comes to evaluating staff friendliness and willingness to help, you once again need to look at recent reviews and recommendations. Some resorts have a high turnover, so older reviews may be outdated and irrelevant. Looking at reviews that are no older than one year old is important. Seeing if any specific staff names are mentioned time and time again will help you build a picture of what you can expect during your stay.

Choosing a resort may take you more than a couple of days, but it may end up taking you several weeks. Taking your time and not rushing your decision is important. After all, the resort you stay in will help you and your family create magical and long-lasting memories.

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